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Thanks everyone!
I am so glad my thread is giving some inspiration!
Animals DO understand and respond to your good intention. I strongly believe in this.
I think my cats trust me and believe my good intention.
I need to work harder on myself believing and trusting on my kitties. On some occasions, I still worry when they don't show up right away.

The other day, Leo and Torako came inside as soon as we were home, but Torao took off for last patrol. Catcam took his last image around 6PM.
After we were done with dinner, I called him. No show.
I sent Leo out to wait for him. No show.
All though this, I was hearing cat's mewing from somewhere….. But If I open the sliding door, I don't hear anything.
I try to visualize where about of Torao. I was getting message of him being close by and he is fine. So, I was not too worried.
Leo came back from Torao search and sat at the porch and listing for something.
Then I heard more meow. I realized it was definitely Torao's "help me!" meow. I opened the door to the garage and there he was. He must have snack in to garage when my husband went out to mail box after dinner. I called Leo in right away and Leo run down to the garage and greeted him.
I am glad Torao was meowing for me (or Leo) so we were able to find him. I believe he knew the garage was part of our house and decided to go check it out.
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MR. Scar is back!
I don't have any food out there, but there he was, ripping the cat house apart.
I wonder what attracted him back again. Or, he remembered there was once food in there.

Day is getting longer. So I started to feed early evening wet food outside.
I wonder if there was little trace of smell from that?? But I didn't feed inside cat house.

I was almost thinking about leaving food out in the cat house for the warmer weather, but I guess not.

We were having 60 degree weather 2 weeks ago. Entire week was nice and warm. Now we are forecasted to have snow over night!!
I have been brushing kitties like crazy and they are shedding. I hope they are not too cold.
They are enjoying nice weather, but they still come inside at night.
I have camping trip planned during Memorial weekend and wondering what to do about kitties.
Shall I leave them out or lock them inside.
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Originally Posted by Kazy View Post

MR. Scar is back!
I don't have any food out there, but there he was, ripping the cat house apart.
I wonder what attracted him back again. Or, he remembered there was once food in there.

Day is getting longer. So I started to feed early evening wet food outside.
I wonder if there was little trace of smell from that?? But I didn't feed inside cat house.

I was almost thinking about leaving food out in the cat house for the warmer weather, but I guess not.

We were having 60 degree weather 2 weeks ago. Entire week was nice and warm. Now we are forecasted to have snow over night!!
I have been brushing kitties like crazy and they are shedding. I hope they are not too cold.
They are enjoying nice weather, but they still come inside at night.
I have camping trip planned during Memorial weekend and wondering what to do about kitties.
Shall I leave them out or lock them inside.
I would leave them outside while you're gone. Cats that are trapped indoors or anywhere too long can go CRAZY. Belive me, I'd had my share of stir crazy cats that destroyed our back porch when they were locked there accidentally, while we were on vacation. NIGHTMARE! Just leave them outside to be safe.
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Originally Posted by Cat-tastrophe View Post
I would leave them outside while you're gone. Cats that are trapped indoors or anywhere too long can go CRAZY. Belive me, I'd had my share of stir crazy cats that destroyed our back porch when they were locked there accidentally, while we were on vacation. NIGHTMARE! Just leave them outside to be safe.
Yikes. That's probably because no one was cleaning up after them. I wouldn't want to be trapped with an accumulation of feces for days on end either. Perhaps if you were a bit cleaner with your indoors or with your porch, there wouldn't be any problem.
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Originally Posted by Cat-tastrophe View Post
Just leave them outside to be safe.
Isn't that some kind of contradictory statement?

Kazy, I just found this thread today, and it has been riveting! Of course, there are a million things I need to be doing around the house, but I couldn't stop reading.

I'm glad your three kitties are safe and happy. Is there a friend anywhere nearby that can come to your home and feed while you are out of town? We use our neighbor girl, who will be going off to college next year.
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For 2 days, Leo chose to stay inside during the day. Second day, Torako joined him.
They both went outside when we got home, but came back inside in the evening. To them, their room is the safest place to rest and sleep. (I hope they feel the same way.) All 3 cats have always come inside at night. At least for Leo and Torako, it is not because they are hungry.

Back when I had all 4 kittes inside, we went out of town 3 nights with extra litter box. They were fine. So, leaving inside for 2 nights would be no problem. I just wonder if they would prefer that or they would prefer being outside with no indoor access. I may consult Hilary again on this issue. Leo may vote for being inside.

I still get worried if they stay out too late. The other night, I called Leo and Torao but only Torao showed up. Then I became really worried and went to look for him. Few minutes later, Leo was peeking at me in the back yard!!
But few weeks before, Torao went missing right after eating dinner. Leo went out and looked for him, but no sign of him. I noticed mewing response sound from somewhere whenever I call his name. But If I opened the door, I don't hear anything.
After 1 hours or so, I finally realized Torao was stuck in our own garage!! He must have snuck in when my husband went to get mail around 6pm.

But all and all, they always come back. They always stay in our yard. They always spend night in their room.

I was looking back beginning of this thread. I remember how heart broken I was. And I am so thankful 2 kitties stayed with us. Thinking back. Torao and Torako were always together. They always came to me for snack. They always came out to play with toys. Torami or Konne never did that. I think CatCam caught Torami wondering around the other night. There is no Konne sighting since last summer. I hope they are doing OK...
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We had 2 days of summery weather, but quickly got back to winter here. I hope spring is permanently here soon.

Last night, Torao didn't come home until really late. He came back once around 8:30pm, but left again. Then didn't come home until close to midnight. They stay in the yard most of the time during the day, but they all go for patrol at night. I am sure it's fun time to see little critters waking up form their hibernation.

I was starting to be worried about him. However, I didn't pick up any distress when I meditated, so I was not overly concerned. I was ready to go to bed and decided to go out one last time. I called him and walked around the house. I gave up and came inside. Then Torao showed up!!! He came inside immediately.
I always tell my self not to worry. But I still worry. Cats, especially Torao need to learn that if he doesn't come home early enough at night, he won't get to eat supper inside. I thought about leaving food in the cat house, but Puff is visiting our yard regularly now. I don't want to give him more reason to be comfortable in my yard.
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Last night was the first night Torao didn't come inside since mid November.
Leo went out to search for him and he, too ended up not coming back until midnight. I waited for both of them for a while, but ready to go to bed.
Then Leo showed up with mouse in his mouth!! He was going to bring headless mouse inside!! I made him let go of it and brought him inside. His mouth smelled like blood. I am sure this was his first successful attempt of catching live prey and he looked so proud. I wonder what happened to the head of his mouse. Leo ate it??? Leo was playing with remain of mouse, so I am sure he didn't catch it for food.

Both Torao and Leo must have found mouse nest or something…. Torao was back in the yard late. (according to CatCam footage) I put out little bit of kibbles and called him in the morning. He came right away and ate it really quick. He must have been hungry.

I guess I have to let him be…. If he wants to come inside, he would. He must have found more fun out there. I am sure he would come inside from time to time. I will miss cuddling with him, though…. I hope he feels the same way. Leo and Torako are very tame and they come if I show them ZoomGroom. Torao is still little skeptical and wouldn't let me touch him easily outside. Inside, he is like butter. He just melts.
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Last night, Torao came home early and came inside right away!!
Maybe he was lonely being out there over night.
After Torao was done with dinner, I sat in front of him and let him know I missed him.
He gave me very gentle meow. Ahhh, that was priceless moment.
I held him and petted him and he was very affectionate.
I think he missed me, too!
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It's 2nd week of May and we are having unseasonably cold weather. It was 43 degrees this morning.
Last Saturday, we had company until late. Because of that, cats couldn't come inside. (They were wanting to come, but didn't like bunch of strangers inside.) Then, Torao decided to stay outside. I thought he needed Leo to escort him inside. So, I let Leo out around midnight then Leo just disappeared!! Torao came inside around 1 am, but he is totally noticing my distress of not knowing where Leo is. He came downstairs and mewed at me really softly. He was offering me to go look for him!! So I let him out, too.
I gave up and went to bed. But couldn't sleep very well. I got up around 5am and checked CatCam footage. Leo came back around 4am. As soon as he noticed some movement inside, (I didn't even turned on the light) he came to the door and mewed at me.
All kitties are safe now. Torao didn't come inside following night either, but I think he wanted to come inside. Catcam footage revealed Torao waiting by the door 15 min after I went bed.

I now feel more relaxed about kitties staying outside over night. If they don't come back by 11PM, doors are locked and lights are off. No food over night.
I think they all know that and all kitties come inside earlier now.

Past 2 days were rainy and cold. And Torako decided to stay inside. I will let her out when we come home around 4:30, but she comes back inside by 9PM or so. I think she likes comfort of sleeping inside. When we came home yesterday, she was all ready to go out. It looks like she has been scratching the door. Since it's going to be sunny today, I forced her out this morning. I think she will be an indoor cat when she is older….
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Yesterday, Torao managed to attack Puff. Torao found Puff trespassing our yard. From the sound of it, they were fighting. Puff immediately run away. I hope he won't come back again.
Later Torao came inside. I held him to see if everything was OK. Then I noticed blood spots on my white shirt. I couldn’t find where he was bleeding from, though.
This morning, he was limping. It looked like his right paw hurts or something. He had his right paw up even while he was sitting on wooden floor.
I chased him (he is always more tense in the morning ) and manage to hold him to check his paw, but I was not able to see any wounds. I will definitely keep eyes on him.

My daughter was blaming on my for chasing Torao and making him uneasy this morning. She said he may not come in tonight. But I think he understood my intention….. I think he knows me worried about his paw.
I think he knows me feeling proud of him to stood up and defended his yard.
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We went for 2 nights of camping trip and our cats stayed out during that time.
We had 80 degree day few days before that and I let them stay out for one night, too. They enjoyed it.
When we came home, all 3 cats greeted us.
From the CatCam footage, they like going out for patrol after 9 PM and don't come back until 2 am or so.
I kind of wanted them to come inside that night, but they were all gone for night patrol and no one responded to my call. When I checked back again around 11PM. Then, Leo was chasing something white. I think it was opossum. I saw it run quick in the yard. So, I decided to keep him out since he was having fun.
When I called them on Monday morning, Torao came to eat just fine, but Leo came back with tail injury.
It looked like his neck of tail has been bitten and He couldn't put his tail up either. I don't think it was broken.
Then there is no sight of Torako.
I tried to communicate with her and I get them message that she is resting somewhere and she would come back for dinner when it's cooler. I was anxious, but sure enough Torako showed up for dinner just like I imagined.

Leo slept all day Monday. He wanted to go out late afternoon, but I didn’t' let him. I managed to get hold of Torao and I brought him inside as well as Torako so that Leo has company. Later on, Leo really wanted to get out. I know he needed to go potty. He sniffed litter box but didn't go in. (It's clean and Torao went just fine though.) So, I put leash on him and took him up to his potty spot. As soon as I put him on there, he started to dig and went. He has been holding. I think he developed the habit of going potty outdoor. Torao and Torako use indoor potty, though.

I hope they will adjust to regular routine. But we are expecting more warmer weather this weekend. I wonder kitties want to stay out for that or not… I wouldn’t let Leo stay over night though….

After all kitties were inside, my daughter saw another gray stripe run by at the patio. It was Torami (sister cat who didn't stay)!! I guess she is still alive!
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I have sat here and read all your threads the past two nights and have really, really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing!
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I took Leo to the vet yesterday. He seemed OK on Tuesday and Wednsday, but he was not feeling well on Thursday. Scar on his tail becmae abscess and it was draining already. But vet needed to add drainage to heal better. He has to wear Elizabeth collar until drainage comes off. He is not happy. But I think he understands our intentions.
He is on antibiotic and I need to clean the drainage every 12 hours.

He is feeling much better today and ended up escaping outside when I took his collar off. While he was on his own in the yard, he managed to rip his drainage off. I had to take him back to the vet and insert drainage back in. I will take him back on Monday and hopefully, drainage will come off that time.

Torao always butters up to Leo, but he didn't do that last night. His collar looked little too weird for him to snuggle up with him. But both of them came inside at night despite very mild evening temp. We are having 80+ degree day today and it will be hot.
I think he likes petting time with me more than food. That's what's brining him inside!
(That's what I believe…)
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Thanks, cococalypso.
I am glad you enjoyed it.
I feel like this thread no longer blong to this section since my kitties are not ferals anymore. But I will keep posting as long as someone is enjoying it.
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I don't think I'm the only one who's read it! I have a tomcat I am going to try and move from my old house to my new one and there is one here already and I'm just not sure how to go about it all. It takes my vet forvever to get in for a neuter and I can't really make an appt until I have the cat, but don't want to let him get in fights, uuugghhh, no idea what to do! Plus, he won't come near me, so I guess I have to trap him? We have tons of racoons over there, so I'm freaked out about it too.
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Thank you for taking the time to write so much. It has been a journey to read through it, following your ups and downs, your concerns and happiness, thank you.
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I am glad people are enjoying my post.

I expected our kitties to stay totally outside as summery weather progress, but they all come in frequently. 2 nights ago, Leo and Torako didn't come back in time, but Torao came in.
That was the first time he came inside without other kitties there. I kept telling him that I was proud of him of doing that. He was content and enjoyed brushing and petting. In the morning, I have noticed carpet under the door has been scratched up. Probably Torao wanted to get out and join Torako and Leo outside. Leo's tail is totally healed. I hope he remembers the experience and not to make opposum or bigger animanls mad at him.

Last night, both Torako and Leo came in around 10:30pm. That’s pretty early for our sunset being 9PM. Torao didn't come in though. I kind of knew he was not coming inside.

Even when kitties don't come in, they always stay in the yard. When I get up and call them, they always show up for breakfast.
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Kitties keep brining bunnies.
I usually catch then bunny they bring and keep it in the cage. I will let my kitties sit next to the cage and watch their bunny. After that, I release it in the different location.
I wonder kitties are thinking that bunnies please us. I catch it and keep it in the cage = contribution to the food supply???
Ah, if that's the case I understand their effort.

I have bee using tiny fish tank as bunny holding pen. But finally upgraded to little larger one. (LOL)

We came home late last night and I was ready to go to bed around 1:30am. Then I started to hear hissing of bunny. (They make very high pitch sound as a defense. It almost sounds like bird) Sound was coming closer and closer and there came Torao jumping over the gate. I needed to catch the bunny to make it quite. We have been having very hot weather and neighbors had windows open. I am sure they heard the hiss.
I was able to catch it. But kitties were so excited that they didn't want to come inside. So I just went to bed.

When weather is hot, they tend to sleep during day time and become active during the night. They have been doing that last few days. Cool breeze came in tonight and we will be having cooler weather starting tomorrow. It was 90 degrees today and it will be only 66 tomorrow. That's too drastic....
Kitties my feel the same way and I am sure they will want to come inside.
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We have been having heat wave in Seattle area and cats are pretty much staying outside.
I kind of miss having they come inside. Interesting thing is that they DO come in when they miss me!
Leo comes in and out more often than other kitties. She was former indoor cat and I understand that.
Torako comes in for affection. She spent night in her room for 2 nights, but she seems to want out very early in the morning. (like 5AM.) I think hearing boys having fun outside will make her want to go out after enough rest. I sometimes wake up hearing her scratching the door. She doesn't do that if other kitties are in the room with her.
It seems like they come in and spends night at least once a week. Last Friday, all three kitties came in. Torao was hungry for affection. But he wouldn't let me tough him outside.
Whenever Torako and Torao comes in, they don't go straight to food. They always wait for me to pet them.

We are pretty much over with heat wave. Night time temp is as low as 60 degrees now. I was surprised to see Torako coming out of Cat House. I guess 60 degrees is too cold compare do 75 degree night temp.
Rain is forecasted for next few days. That would be a welcome relief. I wonder kitties will want to come inside at night.
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It must be autumn here already.
We were having 100degree days just few weeks ago, and now it's like October in here.
Daytime high is only 68 degrees and it's been raining on and off for few days.
Forecast is saying 80 degree weather will be back but I know true summer is over by looking at my kitties.

They are acting like it's fall. They eat more, they sleep more and they all come inside earlier now.
Torao is usually timid or prefers to stay out, but he is coming in baldly. For 2 nights in row, my husband was using kitchen computer right by the sliding door. But Torao came in without any hesitation.
When weather was warmer, kitties couldn't wait to get out of the room early in the morning. Torako often scratched the door. But now, they are very slow to get out. Leo and Torako was very slow to get out but quickly came inside. I was ready to keep them inside, but then they finally decided to go out.
Leo chose to stay inside yesterday, but seemed like he really wanted to get out when sun break came in the afternoon.
Seattle summer is short, but it was way too drastic to end like this.
I wonder kitties are feeling too cold? They must have shed a lot of fur during hot time.
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Krazy, I read your blog from start to finish in one sitting. I couldn't help it! What a story you have told! My heart ached for you in the early stages, and then I cheered you on as things started working out. I am so happy for you and for your kitties. What an adventure you've been on! I send hugs to all of them, and to you for sharing.

Could you tell me the title of the animal communication book you mentioned. You've inspired me to want to learn more.

Thanks again!
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Thank you for reading my blog.
I hope my blog would give encouragement to those who are in same position as I was.

Books I have read were:
Kinship with All Life
The Language of Animals
I found both books at local library. I ended up buying "The Language...".
It is good one to keep.

Any animal lover would enjoy both books. Quite few pet owners around me have read "Kinship...".

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Thanks, Krazy! I will make a trip to the library tomorrow!

I wanted to tell you also that your blog has taught me several lessons, which I wanted to share back with you. I'll bet you didn't even know you were teaching a girl from Idaho, did you?

#1. Follow your passions. You went through an awful lot to help your kitties, even though there were times you were discouraged by yourself or others. Even when it seemed very difficult, you just kept pressing on.

#2. Be persistent. You didn't cave under the emotional stress or external stressors.

#3. Be creative. You came up with many plans and devices to help your kitties do well outdoors. If something didn't work the first time, you found ways to make modifications to make it work. And sometimes you did this over and over again. (Tell your husband that he made a very beautiful cat house!)

#4. Most importantly -- Support your spouse/friends even when you don't completely understand what they're going through. I am definitely not criticisizing your husband, but it sounds like there was some tension pulling you in two different directions. It also sounds like he eventually came alongside to help you with your endeavor. But what I learned is that if my husband has a passion that is driving him, it is best for me to encourage and/or join him in that passion. For instance, my husband loves politics, which I confess is not top priority on my list. But once I realized how much he loves history and following political issues, I knew I would love him best if I tried to keep up with this interest. It makes him so happy, and I'm learning a lot in the process.

Thank you so much, Krazy, for those precious lessons! Hope you, your family, and the kitties are all doing well. Especially now that it's cooling off for you. We were in Seattle last weekend, and everyone seemed quiet relieved that it was in the 70's instead of the 100's!
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Torao was missing for over 24 hours.
He didn't come in night before.
If he didn't come inside at night, he usually shows for breakfast.
He is pretty much always comes for dinner, too.
But he didn't show for both meal.
I tried to meditate and tried to contact him. I didn't pick up any distress. It looks like he will be coming home fine.
But I still worry. When I checked CatCam from work, I thought Torao was on there, but it was actually Torako.
I wonder what happened to him.
Is he stuck somewhere?
I have meditated and tried to contact him few times. Every time, message I got in return was "I am fine. I will be home soon."

I tried to believe my instinct but I was still restless.
Then, he came back around 10pm with Leo and Torako.
He seemed little timid. Maybe he was little restless because I was restless. I may be feeling "What happened??? Why are you worrying about me? Did I do something wrong??"

I guess it is normal for cats to go for long patrol. I sometimes read that cat goes missing for few days but come home eventually.
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Seattle area has been rainy and cold. I turned on the heating pad in the cat house.
Cats seem to like warmth inside, but they still have urge to go out at night. What's so good about patrolling on the wet ground?
Yesterday, it started to rain heavy around 5 pm. As soon as we came home, Torako and Leo came inside. Torao was at the porch, but didn't come in until 9PM.
Then Torako wanted to go out around 10PM then other kitties also. Rain stopped but it's all wet outside. What's out there anyway?? Oh, maybe Torako needed to go potty? We have jumbo size litter box in the room, but may be she wanted to check outside. Around 11PM. Torako and Leo came inside. Torao didn't show.

I am noticing very interesting trait. I think Leo is our Alpha cat. He definitely acts like he is looking after Torako and Torao. He makes effort to bring both of them inside. He is the first one to engage in play chase with other two. He doesn’t follow other two but Torako and Torao seem to follow Leo's lead. Torao always mews for Leo. He likes buttering up to Leo.
When I brought Leo home from the shelter, I was wishing him to be a conduit between human and Torao. He is definitely doing a good job of being one. I am glad we brought him home.
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It looks like Trao goes for looong patrol once a month. It was just about one month ago that I didn’t see him for 24 hours. It happened again last night.
He was not on cat cam all day long. He didn't come for dinner, and it was obvious that Leo was searching for him at night. Torao was finally on CatCam about 12:30am. He was at the porch looking inside. That means, he was hungry and wanted to come inside.

I wonder why he does this every month? I decided t o keep record of this. Is there neighborhood cat meeting at every full moon?? (LOL)
I wonder how far he travels. It would be interesting to be able to tack his territory by embedding GPS on him. (I know some one has done that to their kitties. I am no going to, though. LOL)

Does your indoor outdoor cat do something like this monthly?
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Torao is having bladder infection.
2 days ago, he came inside at night. I quickly noticed him being restless and going to the litter box every 5 min. I knew right away what was going on. (I felt exactly the same when I was having bladder infectino!) He was very anxious to go outside again, but I didn’t let him out. I took him to the vet next morning. Thankfully, his bladder was empty, but that meant to have him stay at the vet’s office until being able to get some urine sample.

So, he is inside since Wednesday night. I can’t afford to let him out. Vet told me that if his condition gets worse, he may not come inside. I will keep him inside until Sunday night. I promised to let him go out on Monday morning. Hopefully, he would come back in at night so that I could give him meds.

I could tell Leo is sensing some issue with Torao and Leo is definitely making effort to comfort him. He spent most of the night lying right next to Torao after vet’s visit. Poor Torao wants to go out. He even ventured out to the door and scratched and meowed. (He never does that since he is too scared).
I was thankful that it was not crystal. Torao prefers dry food and I heard dry food kitties have more chance of crystal problem.

To accompany Torao, I decided to keep other kitties inside longer. Both Leo and Torako only went outside few hours today. Weather was miserable today anyway.
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Hi Krazy. Good to keep up with you and your kitties. I am sorry that one is having urinary trouble. Definitely keep an eye on it, as we nearly lost our cat Smokey to crystals. We were in Seattle for a weekend getaway, but my husband and I decided we missed the animals and came home about 6 hours early. Thank goodness we did, as we found Smokey in terrible shape. He had blocked while we were gone. He was in the vet hospital for 7 days and had to have surgery. But he made it! He's on Hills C/D food now and doing very well.

I saw in a cataloge the other day a pet collar that has a video camera on it. Maybe you could put one on one of your kitties to see where the neighborhood cat party is. I always wondered what a kitty party looked like. Something tells me catnip would be involved.
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Thanks, Paws.

Thank goodness it was not crystals! I guess many kitties have idiopathic bladder infection. Cause is unknown but they sometimes have one. I think he was having one of those.
I let him out today in the morning. Weather is really wet here and Leo didn't even want to go out. He decided to stay inside. I could see Torao peeking through sliding door (via catcam). I am sure he missed Leo.

I hope he would come inside tonight. That way, he won't miss the dose of medicin.
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