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I would let them inside since they don't mind and then you won't feel worried. I was wondering what happened to Torami. Kind of sad but at least she is alive.
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I think some feral choose to live without human dependency.
I was very upset when Konne decided to leave, but that was her choice and I had to respect that.
I think Torami is the same kind. From the very beginning, she was very timid and not liking human. When I had all 4 cats inside, she didn't show her self in front of us for one month. I was starting to worry about her health, but she was perfectly fine. At the vet, she was the one who always escaped.

I am sure every Konne, Torami and Puff know where the food is and how to get here. If they are still alive and in need of food, they would stop by.
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This weekend is 1 year anniversary for us.
1 year ago, I trapped 3 tabby kittens and a black mom.
That was when my life with cat started!!!
I kept them inside of my guest bedroom until February.

Weather here went down hill few days ago and Torako and Torao decided to come inside.
I let Torako out this morning, but she wanted to come back inside in the evening.
Torao seems much more comfortable around my daughter and myself now.
He still runs whenever he doesn't want to deal with us. Torako never runs. She always comes to us.

We only have 2 staying with us out of original 4 kitties. Catcam caught Konne again the other night.
She was sniffing cat house but walked away. Right after that, Torako came out of it.
I think Torako was sleeping inside and Konne picked up the presence of someone inside and left.
Konne and our kitties have been chosen separate path and I don't think they recognize each other.
Our cats may not mind having them around, but Konne and Torami may not feel good about that.

I haven't seen Torami for a while now. She may not be around any more.... I have no way of knowing.
Both Torami and Konne are micro chipped. So, if they ever get trapped again, I would know.
I hope they are doing OK...
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Just as in life sometimes separate paths are the right paths.
At least Konne remembers there is a friendly person inside your house.
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Last week, we had almost winter like weather. For few days in row, all cats came inside for the night. When I call Leo to come inside, Torako shows up with him to come inside herself also. If she settles down in her usual spot in kitty room, then I would let her stay.
After my daughter is in bed, I go out in the yard to bring Torao. When I call his name, he usually meows back to me and comes to me. He never comes to during the day or runs away if I try to approach him.
But he comes at night. 3 cats stay over night and go out in the morning.
I was letting Leo out only when someone was home. But after trying for few weeks, I am confident Leo would be fine and he would stay in our yard. So, I let him out with others this morning.

It looks like Leo approaches Torako with respect and they are equal being, but he doesn't approach Torao that way. Usually, whenever Torao see's Leo he becomes rubbing monster. He just keeps rubbing his enter body on Leo. Then he often meows to call him, too. Leo treats him like little weaker being. It is true Torao is still little scared of humans. He is not 100% content when he comes inside. He is getting better, though.
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Weather here bypassed October and turned in to November. I turned on the heater pad in the cat house and it's nice and warm inside now. Leo and Torako stayed in there most of the day today.
2 days ago, Torami started to show up again. She seemed very hungry. I wonder where she has been all summer.

My husband saw a coyote this morning. This is a bad news. We haven't seen them for few years, but they are back now.
I decided to bring in all kitties earlier in the evening when they come for dinner. This way, they will be safe at night. Torako was still wanting to get out. I am sure they will get used to of this schedule.
Leo and Trako went in to the cat house around 2pm. When we came home and called them around 5pm, they both came out. When they did, I took them inside. It's 9pm and they haven't used littler box yet. I hope they are not holding too much.
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Right after we came home, Torao caught Torami inside of cat house.
I knew right away what was happening because as Torao was entering the cat house, his tail was fluffed up like a raccoon. Then they started to fight inside. Torami escaped and Torao chased her. He was chasing her outside of the fence and I heard another screaming. Then, Torao came back. I was asking him if he was OK, and he meowed back to me gently.

I think Torao has strong since of his territory and our backyard definitely his place. Torami was intruding. My husband just couldn't understand why cats don't recognize each other as sibling because they grew up together for the first one year.

I hope Torao didn't beat her up too badly.
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My kitties have been doing good. For several weeks, both Leo and Torako have been sleeping inside at night. I usually bring them inside in the evening, and let them out before we leave house. Leo has been good being outside. He could go outside of fence if he really wants to, but he hasn't been doing that. I have seen him on top of fence (he jumps from my daughter's play structure). But he hasn't gone out so far.
I am monitoring them via CatCam during the day and making sure they are safe.

Torao comes in sometimes, but not all the time. I usually go get him with Leo around 10:30pm. Sometimes he comes in but sometimes he refuses. If I can grub on to him, I pick him up and bring him inside. Cat House is heated and another cat box is fully insulated and packed with hay. He likes it there.

Last night, both Toras were gone for a long time. Leo came inside but no sign of Torako or Torao. But I felt OK. I assumed they found something (like rat's nest) and taking time to come back. Around 8PM, Torako came by the sliding door. As soon as I opened the door, she run inside.
Torao didn't come back until midnight. And he seems very tired today. It looks like he has been taking nap a lot inside of cat house.

I am afraid Leo is becoming little chubby. He is more passionate about food than Torako or Torao. He loves to eat. In contrast to that, Torao doesn't care much about food. He will eat when somebody else is eating, but he never begs for treat. I have to keep close eye on Leo.

Here is Leo sleeping

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It is great that you have been able to get them all to come inside, so that when the weather is bad they will not be out in the cold.

I have one feral boy who wants to come in, but his mate is completely feral and freaks out big time if I shut the door.

Plus my indoor boy kitty (Toby, the striped boy in the picture below) is very jealous of my outdoor feral boy (William). We used to go outside with Toby before feral kitties came to our house. So as far as Toby is concerned, William is in HIS back yard!

But we do have heated kitty houses for them outside, plus a bunch of other stuff. This last weekend when we put up their winter houses, they literally sat right there a few feet away and watched us and waited, and then ran on in. LOL!!
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Originally Posted by BarbB View Post
freaks out big time if I shut the door.
Both Torako and Torao started off that way.
Once I shut the screen as soon as Torao came through and he immediately climbed up on screen for desperation. I peeled him off and took him to the cat room.
He is getting more and more comfortable these days.
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Oh...my...god. I've only just come across this thread. What an amazing story!! Kazy, your babies are adorable!! I feel like I've been through the wars with you. Thank you so much for taking the time out to blog all of this - it's been incredible reading it
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There is a new comer.
I think he is a male. I am not sure if he is a feral or not. He has been showing up reguraly for few days now. He satys in the cat house for a while at night.
I am sure he is the cause of Torao being missing. Torao briefly came by to the cat house yesterday morning, but didn't go inside. He sniffed for a while and walked away. That was the footage I saw from video recording and I haven’t seen him since.
Leo and Torako seems to be OK enough to hang around in the yard even though this intruder is visiting. Leo fluffs his tail up everytime he sees this guy, though...

I was planning to eventually trap this intruder, but decided to do so today because I didn’t want Torao to leave my yard. But this guy ate the food and escaped the trap. I think he knows how trap works. I was able to catch Konne and 3 kits so easily with this trap. I was just stunned.
If Torao continues to be missing, I have to contact Hilary to communicate him. I am willing to take additional feral, only if all of my resident cats are fine with it. If not, I have to relocate newcomer to different colony.
I removed food station from cat house and left food in the trap. I don’t think intruder is stupid enough to go in again, but I will try anyway. Torao might go in if he is hungry enough. If that happens, I might keep him inside for a while.

I hope I would resolve this issue soon and Torao will return to my yard.
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Originally Posted by Pui Hang View Post
Oh...my...god. I've only just come across this thread. What an amazing story!! Kazy, your babies are adorable!! I feel like I've been through the wars with you. Thank you so much for taking the time out to blog all of this - it's been incredible reading it
Thanks for kind word.
Your comment made my day!
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Torao is home!
I had a trap out all night long for 2 nights. First night, he went inside but trap didn’t trigger.
Second night, I woke up around 4:30am so I decided to check on trap. I could hear cat howling for distress. It was Torao!!
I checked cat cam and Torao just went in around 4:30am. So, he didn’t stay there too long.
I brought him in to cat room. He was purring while I was holding on.
I could clearly see his visiting time was shifting. Yesterday, he visited around 5:00am in the morning, then showed up around noon. Then gone.
Meanwhile, intruder came by around 4:00pm and then again around 7pm. I think Torao was trying to avoid the intruder.
I hope I can catch this intruder (we call him sox).
I am keeping kitties inside since we are expecting storm. I am so glad Torao is inside now….
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Sox has been tough one to catch.
Yesterday, trap was triggered, but nothing was inside.
My daughter saw the cat in our yard. So he is still hanging around even though there were no food anywhere else.
Our kitties have been inside for few days, but I let Leo and Torako out today.
I am keeping trap unset to have it used as a feeding station. After Sox feels comfortable to go in and out freely, I will set the trap.
Compared to Torako and Leo, Torao is still scared of us. He is not completely content inside.
I am planning to keep him inside until catching the Sox. I may have Hilary talk to Torao to see how he is feeling and how we could make him more comfortable with us.
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I had Hilary communicate with Torao.
Torao is the cat who always needs escape route to be content. This past week, he was trapped, and brought inside of the house which he felt there was no escape route.
He hates being trapped and he is little scared of our alpha male, = my hubby.
Above is very typical of non alpha male cat and I kind of suspected this going on.
Hilary communicated that he must come inside to eat since I am not leaving food in the cat house.
She also found out Torao is not bothered by intruder cat. He just doesn't like idea of being cornered by him and not being able to escape.

I started to ensure all cats that I am alpha mommy and I will protect them. Also, I kept sending them strong visual image of them going outside in the morning.

This must have worked and Torao is more content now. I let all of cats out yesterday morning despite of heavy rain. They all stayed in the yard most of the time. And in the evening, they all came inside by themselves!!!
As soon as we came home, I called them. Leo and Torako came running and went inside. Torao was with them, but didn't come inside. We left the door open and hid. But he peeked inside and didn't come in. I was disappointed, but needed to respect Torao's decision. So closed the door.
Meanwhile. Leo acted differently from usual. He ate a little, but came downstairs and sat at the sliding door. He usually eats and takes long nap. I think that day, he knew Torao was supposed to come inside with him at the same time. After 1 hour or so, I noticed Leo looking out at sliding door again. Then I saw Torao right there!! I opened the door. Usually Torao runs away, but he only backed off a little this time. Then he came in!!!

All and all, Torao likes me and considered our house and yard as his place. He likes warmth of inside, also. Thought of being trapped makes him nervous.
It will take time, but once we build up regular routine, he will be fine.
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Our kitties are doing good.
All cats including Torao come inside at night now. Yesterday, everybody was in the kitchen and my husband was standing closer to the sliding door. Torao hesitated, but I assured he will be safe. Then he came in!!! I think he is becoming more and more content inside. I am so glad all cats come inside at night now.

I may start to leave food inside of cat house at night while my cats are inside. This way, if Torami wants to come for food, she has something to eat there. I have been monitoring cat house at night, but so far, only visitor was raccoon. Torami sometimes don't show up for weeks. Just when I start to wonder how she is, she shows up. Konne only shows up once every few months. I don't see Puff anymore. I don't see Socks anymore either. I am sure Socks felt uneasy to see trap in my yard. I left Trap unset with food inside, but no one was eating. So I put trap away now.

I am now wondering what to do when I go on vacation in the future. Shall I take all 3 cats to cat hotel???? (it will be costly, but we can afford it) Shall I leave all cat outside with food in the cat house??? I will be worried about Leo and won't be able to enjoy vacation…. I don't plan to go away at least until spring. I guess I will decide when time comes...
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Torao has been coming inside every single night.
Torako and Leo come in as soon as we get home. They are often waiting to come inside. Torao, on the other hand, goes out for late afternoon patrol around 3:30pm and doesn't come back until 7:30pm or so.
Torako seems to like indoor better these days. She goes out in the morning, but wants to come back in sooner if she had chance. I guess she likes warmth of indoors.
Leo often hangs around with Torao until he takes off to his late afternoon patrol.

When Torao comes back, he usually sits in front of sliding door. But when door is opened, he doesn't come in right away. He meows for Leo. He seems to be more comfortable when Leo is escorting him along.
Last night, I could see Leo waiting for Torao to come back. As soon as he came back and I opened the door, Leo greeted and licked Torao's head, and invited him in. I could see him trying to make Torao follow him. Torao is still little scared. Often times I have to hide myself for him to walk in. Once Torao is inside, I serve him his portion of wet food. Leo likes to share that. (is that why Leo is waiting for him??? )

I am planning to give them roast turkey! For Torao and Torako, this is the second Thanksgiving together!
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Seattle area is having arctic temperatures.
We had snow Saturday night and our high temperature was like 31 degrees.
But my kitties loved it. They run around and chasing each other.
I saw both Torako and Leo sticking their paws in to snow pile and sniffing around.
They both come inside around noon on the weekend but they stayed out all day long.
I guess they didn’t mind being cold. I don’t think they stayed in cat house that much either.

This morning, my yard temperature was 18 degrees. And I decided to keep them inside.
They were itching to get out though.
After all, cat house is heated, so, they know where to stay warm. I might let them out if I am staying home….

One thing I have to do is to trust them more.
I start to worry when they don’t show when I call.
For one month, Torao has been coming inside every single night. But I still worry if he is running late.
The other night, I wanted him to come in before we go out for the evening. But he refused.
I was worried that he would be cold or even not try to come inside.
When I came home, he was waiting at the door. It looks like he was there for more than 10min.
He never comes in fast, though. We have to leave the door open and hide ourselves.
I hope he will be more comfortable to come in quick.

I just have to let go of my worry.
I know my kitties know where their home is. Where their food is.
They know how to come inside.
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We are having bad winter storm in Seattle area.
But kitties go out every day. They enjoy playing outside. They go inside the cat house to warm up.
Leo comes in and out often, though. He likes warmth better than playing outside all day.

I like following their paw prints to see where they go. It looks like they stay in my yard 80% of time.
I know Torao goes on patrol twice.
I never had multiple pets of same kind before.
I am fascinated by observing the roles each cat have. I am especially amazed by Leo.
He tries very hard to bring Tora inside at night. I have observed many times that he went out and looked for him.
Yesterday, Leo and Torko came in, but Torao was still inside the cat house and he was not ready to come in.
Leo wanted to go out again, so I let him. Then he went inside the cat house to join Torao.
After 15 min or so, they both came out and Torao was ready to come inside.
The other day, he wanted to go out after his dinner. Torao hasn't been back from patrol.
I wouldn't have let him out before, but this time I let him. I grew trust in him.
I am sure Leo was going out of my yard to look for his buddy but I trusted that he won't go too far.
After 1.5 hrs later, Leo was ready to come inside. I have opened the door and there was Torao was with him.
Leo deeply cares for his buddy.
It almost looks like Leo is trying to make indoor life easier for the other two.
And Tora's are definitely responding to him and three of them are very close family now.
It is so enjoyable to watch them function as a family.
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Ive really enjoyed reading this thread! wow ur cats are gorgeous! Hope they are all still okay?
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My kitties are doing great.
They definitely prefer cold and dry snow than wet and heavy rain.
They were having so much fun in the snow, but once warmer air came in and snow started to melt with mixed rain, they didn't really care for it.
Between Christmas and New Year, we have been home. Torako and Leo came in and out all day long. Torao is still little scaredy but he is getting much better. During this time, I have developed more trust toward them.
I used to worry all the time. I was constantly worried about them wondering away. I often got novice if I am coming home later than usual time, thinking they may give up waiting and go away.
I don't feel like this anymore. I now know strongly that kitties identify my house as their home and they mostly stay in my back yard. I know Torako and Torao go for patrol, but they always come back shortly. It's been 2 months since they started to come inside in the evening. They come inside every single day.
Before I didn't want Leo out in the evening since he was going outside of fence. But I since I understand the reason for it, I let him go out now. He wants to bring Torao inside and wait for him to come back from patrol. That is why he goes over the fence and look for him. But he never wonders away far. He never crosses street. He just goes out to look for him near by. I used to panic when Leo didn't come when I called him outside. But I feel very confident that he never goes out of yard and only reason for him to do that is to check for Torao's return.
It looks like Tora depends on Leo very much. Leo's effort is making Torao more comfortable inside the house.
I think my feeling of trust and ease is helping kitties to be at ease also.

Just within past 6 months, 3 of my friend's cats died. One died of heart attack, the other one had kidney failure and the other could not breath on his own anymore.
They were all about 13 years old indoor only cats.
My last cat I had at my parents' house back in Japan lived up to 20 years.
She was indoor / outdoor cat, but she mostly stayed inside during last 5 years of her age.
I wonder how long our cats will live... They look healthy and happy.
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Torako doesn't seem to be interested in going outside for 2 days. That makes me wonder if everything is OK with her.
3 days ago, Puff made visit to our yard while all 3 kitties were there. I wonder that made Torako feel uncomfortable…???
I am starting to wonder if Puff is truly feral. He looks chubby for living by himself.

Here are latest pictures of Puff.

On weekend, Torako came inside earlier by herself. She ate, and she kept calling me with very sweet meow. Every time I go up to her room, she wants me to pet her. She is becoming very affectionate lately. I wonder if she decided to become indoor cat???
That is fine with me. She doesn't seem to mind being locked up in her room while no one is home. Yesterday, she even didn't come downstairs when her door was wide open in the evening.
Leo was out yesterday, but he decided to come back inside today. So, Leo will keep Torako company today.
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Hi Kazy

I've just read every single post in this thread. What an amazing story.

Have you seen Mr Scar over the Christmas/New Year period?

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Thanks WellingtonCat!

I haven't seen Mr. Scar for a while. He came few times after I stopped leaving food in the cat house. But don't see him anymore.
Puff, on the other hand, visits often even without food.

I thought about starting to put food out in the cat house at night, but I didn't want to attract neighborhood cats to our yard. Our kitties don't like intruders roaming in to thier yard.
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It was snowy today.
Puff made visit again during the day. We had good look at him. He is a big guy.
I could clearly see him spraying in to the bush. Torao was outside but hiding from him.
My daughter went out and chased Puff away. I smelled the spot he sprayed, but couldn't pick up any strong odor.
I was expecting strong smell. He sprays, but no odor... what does this mean???

I didn't see Puff entire autumn season. then he suddenly shows up in January. I wonder he is traveling farther away to look for mate??
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It's been a whole year since I put my rescued feral cats back to my yard.
Out of 4 cats, 2 kittens stayed. Mom and a littlest girl left. I think they never felt confortable with humans. At the vet's office, littlest girl always tried to escape while others were all calm and content.
I wish all the best for the 2 who didn't stay.

I am thankful that got brought kitties to my life this way.
They opened my eyes and my heart. I never was able to see animals as another living being with heart just like us.
I see them very differently now than ever before.

My husband still complains here and there, but he is putting up with 3 cats in his life.
He never tries to pet them but he does treat them OK. He gets irritated when I start to spoil them too much, though.

Leo amazes me. He is very royal to me (is it typical of shelter adopted kitty?) and tries hard to take care of other 2 kitties. He always make sure both cats are out before he goes out. He always make sure both cats are in before he settles inside. He is adored by 2 kitties, too. Torao, the big boy butters up Leo and Torako the girl cat loves to play with him. Leo understands what I want and he never leaves me.

I am looking forward for many years to come with my kitties!!!
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Kazy, I'm glad your Husband is being more understanding about the cats.
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Wow, it sounds like you've had quite an adventure! I think you're doing the right thing, allowing the cats to continue living the way the are accustomed to. They all seem so happy! I live in the romote countryside, and love spending time with our cats in the "great outdoors.' I'm glad that there are some people, like you, that really care about your kitties and want the best and happiest life possible for them! I look forward to hearing more about how your kitties are doing!
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It was this thread that inspired me to start trapping.
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