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Spring Is Finally Here!!

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Finally after 5 months of it being extremely cold here, it's starting to warm up. We are now officially above zero! We are currently sitting at +0.4*C (32.78*F). What's the weather like where you live?
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Don't get used to it! It's actually beautiful here today. Up in the 50's, the barn cats are all laying outside sunning themselves, the snow from last week is melting (making HUGE mud puddles which the dogs insist on rolling it), but it's supposed to snow and sleet tomorrow so I'm enjoying it while I can.

I can't wait until it's actually spring!!
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Today is actually a fairly nice day, it's sunny and in the 40s. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50s but rainy. Then back to snowy and very cold next week.
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Today is a LAZY day Very cool and cloudy and rainy...blah!!

I want spring, and I cant say it enough!!
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I feel the sun getting warmer here, but it will be a few months before i'll be wearing shorts.
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It's still cold here but theres buds on the tree in the garden and on my plants
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Its still winter here -7 today.
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Its cold!!! NO SPRING HERE!!! Its snowy and icky!! I dont even wanna leave the house! (not that I could if I wanted too) So Enjoy your warm weather, in the mean time, IM JEALOUS!!! LOL
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The snow/ice from last week's storm is melting nicely - and turning the yard and gravel drive into a quagmire.

And more cold this coming week.
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Yikes with the amount of snow we have gotten and continuing to get (we will reach 70 inches by today!) seeing the grass is a long ways away!!
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can you ship that weatehr over here.... you can have my freezing rain
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My collegue who is from spain has already put away all of her winter clothes! She insists its spring already because thats what it is in Spain... you should see how she freezes at work!
Its currently in the minuses, but it does get above during the day!
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It is sunny and in the 60's today. My magnolias and my jonquils are blooming. We barbecqued last night.
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81 °F here
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Well it looks like I spoke too soon. Today we got to a high of -12*C (+10.4*F) without the wind. Looks like we still got a bit of winter left.
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
81 °F here
Oh my gosh!! I am sooo jealous!!!! I wish I was there with you!! Yesterday there was a lot of freezing rain into last night. Today it's a lot warmer....around 40!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! That's warm compared to what it has been!!!
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on saturday we was beach weather!!! so I took the kitties outside for a bit..
well just on the back steps...
now of course today it is :
-37 with the windchill...
go figure....hey let me look up regina...hmm you're currently -32 and no windchill..

hmm its around -30 c in're colder...
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