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whatcha doing

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Fine if you busy i will just watch stargate.

Oh look, Teal'c on Stargate Atlantis

Whatcha doing now? lets play!!!

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Bruce, are you neglecting Eazy He wants to play Cute pics
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So cute! ..... Is it play time now?!
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Awww that is too cute! I think you're neglecting someone Bruce!
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Very cute!!
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Cute. Cats sure are ornery aren't they.
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Aww that last one is precious!! Play with him!!
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Awww, so cute!
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Awwwww give that baby some attention
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Awwww, those pics are so cute Bruce Trouty does that too
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That is adorable...
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very cute!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Bruce, are you neglecting Eazy He wants to play Cute pics
lol oh yea, he is soooo Neglected
you know how hard it is to play video games with a 14 pound cat in one arm
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Ohhh!! I'll come watch Stagate with ya Easy! I'm a geek & love Stargate!!!! (I own seasons 1-6 & I'll trade ya Easy for Ophelia....she doesn't like stargate!)
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