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TCS News Flash!

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This just out: Miracle Maxwell to Celebrate First Birthday!

Yes, that's right, our little "freezer kitten" will be turning one on Tuesday the 19th!

And it's extra special, because he really is a little miracle.

In honor of his birthday (and to benefit Penny and perhaps Ginger and Ferris as well,) DHL is delivering a Cat Wheel to my home today. DHL just called to tell me that the truck is on the way over.

There WILL be pictures taken and shared, as this is a very special occasion.

While I drool over the high end steel and plexi cat wheel made by Northwest Pacific Imports, I have purchased a much less expensive (and not as asthetically pleasing) wooden cat wheel manufactured by the husband of a bengal breeder in MN.

At just over a third of the cost of the pricey ones, this one fit my budget and I'm hoping it's a wise investment. Since it is handmade by a bengal owner/breeder, I am sure it will be exactly what my indoor furkids need to keep them in great shape while they burn off that famous excess bengal energy.

I know that Penny misses running on Nial's cat wheel, so I'm sure she'll take to it immediately, but I hope the birthday boy doesn't try to hog it too much!

So Happy Birthday to my little Mad Max, whom I love SO much. He's a gift all by himself. I hope he enjoys his new "toy!"
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You do realise there will HAVE to be photos!

Happy birthday lovely Max, you're a very special boy and I hope you enjoy your wheel
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happy birthday MAX!! and i agree we need pics
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Happy Birthday Max! Enjoy your special day (and your kitty wheel too! )

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I can't wait to see pics and to hear how they like it! Happy Birthday to Max!
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Happy birthday to a very special boy.
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Happy Early Birthday! How wonderful! Max's story is so amazing. I look forward to seeing photos.
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Happy Birthday Miracle Max

I can't wait to see the
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That sounds so exciting!! I can't wait to see the pictures!
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What a wonderful birthday present....
Must see pictures.

Happy Birthday Max.
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Happy Birthday Max

I hope they all enjoy his present
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Happy birthday max! can't wait to see photos
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Happy Birthday Max!! Is a cat wheel anything like a hamster wheel? I hadn't ever heard of one.
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Happy Birthday, Miracle Max!
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Happy birthday to Miracle Max.

...but what in the world is a "cat wheel"? It sounds as if it is something like a hamster wheel, but for cats. Am I right? I've never seen a cat wheel, please do post photos!
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That's exactly what it is - a giant hamster wheel. Bengals especially seem to love them, it helps to keep their active minds and bodies occupied
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happy early Birthday Max! Can't wait to see the pics!
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Yay, Happy Birthday Max.
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