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Saturday What Are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Cloudy windy and cold here this morning. However the weather forecast looks promising it says it suppose to warm up to above freezing for tomorrow.

We were commenting at work yesterday about how fickle we Canadians are about out temps..In November when they say it's going down to 3 degrees we start hunting for our winter cloths. In February when it say it's going to be 3 degrees we grab our lawn chairs, a beer and head for the deck to sunbathe...
Amazing how perspectives change

Pretty routine day for me ahead. I have to work until four then home, dinner and R&R.
Got a package from my sister from B.C. yesterday with some new bubble bath so will have to try that out.

The kitties are good this morning..Having their own version of a kitty rodeo right now.

Everyone have a good one
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Ha Ha Good morning to you too =) Today isn't that cold here its 27 degreees F, and cloudy (or at least so says the computer, I havent been out yet ) but today I'm going to be driving for about an hour to pick up some oxbow Guinea Pig food (its like the Nutro of the G.Pig world--its the best) and while I'm in the city I will probably pick up some Hamster food(Harry Hamster--like oxbow or nutro of the Hamster world ) even though we aint low, I dont wanna drive in again when we get low, and I'll also probably eat somewhere that we dont have out where I live (we dont have much) then I gotta clean and clean and clean when I get home, the Guinea Pig cage, the Hamster cage, and the house. Just imagine my day if I didnt have any Wheekers, or a Hammy
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Not doing much this morning. Have to clean up the apartment a little bit before my parents and my boyfriend's aunt come up. Then tonight we're going to the Toby Keith concert! I can't wait, we're so excited. And last night I bought tickets to see him again up at the Champlain Valley Expo in Vermont in August!
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slept in this morning but now i'm getting ready to go to a party at my friend Chipp's place. There will probably be about 20 of us there. I'm looking forward to it a lot of my friends are going to be there, although I'm the DD that dosn't bother me I'm taking my camera so if I have a chance I'll post some pics.
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My day won't be very exciting....I have to vacuum. Then do some grocery shopping and work on homework. I'm looking forward to some kitty time later after homework.
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Morning! I had planned to go to the gym today but my cats were nearly out of dry food and the only dry they will eat is from the vets! I couldn't manage to schedule a trip to the vets after the gym without my having to sit at the vets for 3 hours and wait for a return ride home, so all I'm doing today is going to the vets.

I'll probably do some laundry today and unload my dishwasher and vacuum my furniture.
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Morning. I woke up to find that our order from OMAHA STEAKS had arrived, so we have a freezer full of yummy meats and seafood and baked potatoes. I don't think we're going to do much today since my sister has to work today.
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I did most of my regular cleaning last night so this morning I tackled the fridge and freezer. Oh boy, there was some scary stuff in there!

I still need to do a few dishes, clean the litter box, fish tank and the floor. Then my apartment will finally be considered "clean". Now that will be something to celebrate!
I even sorted my socks yesterday and threw out all the ones that have holes in them.

I have some herb bread baking in the bread machine so I'll have some soup, bread and salad for lunch. then I will probably go hang out at a tea shop and read.

I also need to figure out what's wrong with my computer. I install Ubuntu linux because I was tired of Windows Vista... and Ubuntu installed beautifully, except... there's no sound. I've been trying to figure it out for about a week now with no luck.
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Morning...or afternoon.

Its super bright and sunny out today. I'm heading out to exercise, find cat litter and maybe find a pair of jeans that fit right.
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Already did the dishes, need to thoroughly clean out Hennessy's former bathroom (we're getting a third roommate, so that bathroom is no longer available... I don't think Puddin' minds too much, though... that means he got moved into Mommy's Bedroom and he's already claimed the bed as his. )

Then I need to wake up my roomie (she worked 12 noon to 6 am yesterday...) and we need to vacate the place for an hour or so so the landlord can show the place to a prospective buyer...

But that gives us time to buy stuff! Yay shopping!

And then I need to clean the rat's cage and the third bedroom and move everything out of there....

And sometimes in there I need to talk to my roomie about possible moving plans (we wanna move to Oregon! Anyone have any advice? )
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My plan for today is the keep my sanity. Seriously, it is icky weather outside and my three boys are all strung higher than a kite.
Later tonight my DH and I are going to a SweetHeart Banquet...with out kids.
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Well its very snowy and sunny and cold here in ontario canada right now and we're supposed to get a storm tomorrow (sunday and a bit monday).

Right now I'm watching "Mayday" which is a show about stories of plane incidents , accidents, crashes. I'm also finishing up a room that I have been painting.

Have a great day everyone!
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What I want to do? Sleep and work on my dollhouse....

In reality? am going to clean house, lol!
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Well had a tiny bit of cleaning in the kitchen after the card party.
Some food was totally eaten and some I have leftovers-like the brownie cheesecake bars!!

Stepped on scale as I "indulged" last night but the scale goddess was kind to me-yay.

Rand some errands I got dropped off at bookstore while Neil when tool shopping-but he was on man time -he said 30 minutes it was about 1 hr 10 minutes so I was patiently waiting in the lobby, I could have had a coffee if I known he was going to be so late.

So just relaxing now is sunny buy 19F and a bit windy.

A major snow storm predicted for tomorrow (the five inches on Thursday wasn't enough??) ranges so far for 7-9 inches with up to 12 inches possible!!
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Clean and clean hard. It's been 3 weeks since any realy work has been done around here and since my SO took my truck to work today I suppose I have nothing better to do. Took me over an hour on the master bedroom and bath alone. Next up kitchen.
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I got up around 10:30..I am a little sick so I slept in more than usual. I went for a massage today and lunch with a friend.

Then just came home and relaxed for alot of the day. I just got up enough energy to clean the living room so I did that.

Umm, I am just doing laundry other than that and chilling out alot. I have had this looming sickness for over a week now and I am not a fan of it.
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Packing up my non-essentials so that my folks can haul them off when they buzz through here next week.

It's actually nice to be able to move in stages.
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i had such a rubbish day again! what's going on grrr! i did have my friend round though other than that, was very boring! hope everyone had a better day than me LOL!
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