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How lucky that she found you in time! (((hissy & Whisp)))
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Oh, Mary Anne,

I just came on after a few days and noticed this post. I'm hoping all is better now. I will say tons of prayers and lots of good wishes and thoughts are coming your way. Poor Whisp! She is so lucky to have found such a wonderful lady as yourself to see to her care! You are the absolute BEST!!!

Best of luck to you and Whisp!
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I'm sorry she is having such a rough time of it Hissy. I hope she recovers quickly.
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MA - my thoughts are still with you too. Hope she's doing better. Hope you've gotten some sleep somewhere along the line.

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Mary Anne, how is she doing today? I feel so bad for her and for you.
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Sadly, I am back at square one with her- and who can blame her? She really went through it yesterday, and in the interm lost her family too. It turned out she had four kittens and a massive infection. The vet said the kittens would not have survived the trip down the birth canal to be born because of the infection within, so the kittens were sent to the angels.

Whisp is hiding in the closet, hissing, spitting, swatting and very determined not to let me even get close to her. She is not eating or drinking, so if you could just say a prayer for her, I will have those prayers wrapped around me when I go upstairs to sit with her and let her know all is really well.

She turns out to be 3 years old, just very tiny and very compromised health-wise. To get antibiotic down her requires an act of congress-
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Oh Mary Anne, I am in tears!!! Poor, poor whisp! She's in such a loving home and just wasn't there with it in time.

And my heart aches for you. You need the golden gloves of prayers to get those antibiotics down. We have a hard enough time with our "tame" ferals.

For both of you.
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I can't even imagine trying to give antibiotics to such a frightened and angry feral.

This is just so very sad. I am sending a bundle of prayers to both you and Whisp that she will get better and happier very soon.
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poor whisp. hope she recovers well and soon.
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Oh, poor baby! But, if this had to happen, I can't think of better hands for her to be in.
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SHE JUST ATE!!! She also tried to eat my hand, but she ate some baby food just now, almost the whole jar. I was so grateful to see that she was eating- I was so worried for her. I used a plastic spoon to get the food to her mouth and she mangled the spoon - thinking it was one of my fingers probably. I will give her this, she is quick when she strikes out, but thank God, at least she ate!! Thanks for the prayers everyone!
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that is soooo wonderful!!!!!

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I guess now it's mainly a question of time MA... and she has the best person in the world to work with her!
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What great news. She is definately a fighter...surely that will help her pull through this nasty infection.
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Mary Anne, I'm so pleased to hear this news!!!! Well - about her eating, anway .

You two are still in my prayers.

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Originally posted by hissy
SHE JUST ATE!!! She also tried to eat my hand....
With that much catitude she'll pull through! Whisp is a fighter...watch out!

How are you going to get the antibiotic's in her?
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I have ended up ditching the pills- to stressful and am using the paste (liver flavored) ugh...I mix it with her food and kind of spoon feed her the stuff. She is really quiet today, but she did eat earlier, and when I went to pet her, she hissed (her trademark) but she did let me touch the top of her head and I also was able to examine her incision to see if there is a problem which there isn't. But as I had to scruff her (which I hate to do) she is back in her box now growling at me once again....one step forward, three steps back.
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Just like a feral she just rewarded me with a three second purr.. It is the first time she has purred since being here. I was sitting on the floor reading to her when she came out from under the chair, let me pet her head, gave me her quick purr then went over to eat. She is such a funny duck!
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One step forward, three steps back, then a giant LEAP to the front! Sounds like she'll be OK
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I just read the thread.
I'm glad that Whisp managed to pull through and has started to eat.

Sending lots of positive energy your way.
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What a fighter! Any chance we'll get to see what this paragon of catitude looks like?
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As soon as I finish the roll of film, I will post pics. This morning Ms. Hiss allowed me to scratch under her chin and purred for me again!
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She must be feeling a lot better. I'm glad she is realizing that you are doing what is best for her.
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Little by little. Hope you don't have too many scratches!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Well, I finally decided to listen to her, and released her this morning on our land. When I went back outside later on, she was all stretched out in the hay loft, so I crawled up the ladder and extended my hand, and she licked me and purred and head-bumped me. She was thanking me for her freedom. I have 4 feral feeding stations and plenty of places she can get in out of the weather, we have beds under the house and in the carport so she has a whole bunch of hidey holes.
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I have goosebumps reading this Hissy! What a great interaction and progress over the last few days!

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It must have warmed your heart to see her so happy. Yippee!
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Just an update- Whisp is sleeping on the back porch in one of the carriers. I can get close to her, but Mike cannot. She is healthy and happy and doing well.
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Oh Hissy! I feel so rotten for not seeing this thread way back when you first posted it and needed our prayers!!! I don't get much time to do anything but check threads in the lounge anymore, so I rarely get to visit the other forums here...I need to make a definite effort to do that more!!! I am so sorry to hear about Whisp losing the babies!!!!!! I am sorry I am too late to add my prayers. I am glad to hear she wis doing well now, though.....give her a little hug from me....you are such an Hissy!!!!!!!!!!!
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