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My Sisters Rat has a Lump

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Her Rat Oscar has a Lump on his breast. He had a lump in his neck a year ago taht had to be removed. She is scared right now and said she will call the Vet in the A.M. She has 2 Cats and a G Pig too. I hope its something easy to get rid of and not a tumor.
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Awwww. I hope its not a tumor, it most likely is though. Rats have been so inbred and bred badly they are very very prone to cancer and other diseases. There are tons of vibes coming her way
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Thanks,I hope it isnt a Tumor or Cancer either. The one in his nexk was a Cyst but that was over a year ago and it was removed.
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It's true rats and mice are so inbred that even some with the best of care get cancer or other illnesses. There are vets who actually can spay/neuter a rat, but you still have to pay quite a bit of money.
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This is one of the unfortunate things about having pet rats. I had one that had a lump on her side that was removed by a vet.. she went on to live about 6 more months (she was already a couple of years old. I hope that your sisters rat will be ok.
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The Vet wasnt there today so she will call Monday. The last Lump was in his Neck and was a Cyst. I have heard they get Cancer and tumors easy too. Last time it cost 200 to have it removed. The Vet told her she is one of a few people that takes her Rat to a Vet. He is about 1.5 Years old. Thanks for caring about him.
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I've heard [although I don't know there's a ton of research] that spaying and neutering them can help decrease the risk of them developing tumors. Unfortunatley, it's just a fact of life for rats to get growths, but even if it is a tumor maybe it's one that can easily be removed.
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Awww, I hope the little buddy is alright
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The Vet didnt want to fix him. They said its complicated in Rats. I will have to ask my Sister the reason why. He is a Blue Rat. I guess we will see what happens on Monday. She will be very upset if its bad.
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Aww im sending lots of your way!

Its is true that fixing a rat decreases the chance of tumors but it doesnt stop it entirely
If it is a Tumor.. I hope its not Cancerous.. if it is, even when removed there isnt much the vets can do... if it isnt than thats a really good thing.
Is the lump on his upper or lower breast area?? ((closer to his chest or closer to his lower stomach?))
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I hope it is nothing serious.It may be an abcess as well.
I have rats and have had a few back in the day that got abcesses.While tumors are very common in female rats,they are not as common (but are possible) in males.
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My Sister said its his on his sternum. I have not seen it . The last Lump was on his neck and it was huge. It was removed at age 7 Months. I will ask her to take a Pic of it.
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Awww I hope the rattie is ok! I love blue rats, they're my favorite... Unfortunately cancer is very common in rats. I had a Russian Blue rex rat who had a mammary tumor. It was also $200 to remove it, and when she was a 'senior' she developed another smaller one. I will definitely be getting my next female rat(s) spayed.
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I forgot to mention.. its not that expensive to get a Rat fixed (($30-$70 at the most.. if anyone charges more than there ripping you off))... its finding a decent Vet that will do it thats the hard part.
Im still looking for a Vet that I approve of to fix my Male Rat.
Ive owned Rats for a couple Yrs but ive never had problems with Tumors or Cyst... I hope your Sisters Ratty does ok.
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You know I had Rats when I was a Kid and never had one with a tumor either. I talked to my friend that used to be a Breeder and she said never had one with one either I do not know how much they charge at her Vet to fix a male Rat. It was 200 to remove the lump in his neck when he was 7 Months. My Albino Rat died from old age. She lived longer then the Average age too. I never had a rat after her which was over 25 Years ago.
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My vet quoted me $200 to spay a rat which is why I didn't get my two spayed. I know it is definitely more expensive than $70 in my area at other vets as well, according to what I have heard it is usually way over $100.
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The Vet is tomorrow at 12:10.
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Originally Posted by Vixen16 View Post
I forgot to mention.. its not that expensive to get a Rat fixed (($30-$70 at the most.. if anyone charges more than there ripping you off))... its finding a decent Vet that will do it thats the hard part.
Our vet will charge the same as cats and dogs.It is about $100-something for male rats and $200-something for a female rat.Considering this and the risks,I opt out and do not spay/neuter my rats.

Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
The Vet is tomorrow at 12:10.
Good luck!
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Eeeek keep us updated! I hope the vet visit goes well and that whatever it is is treatable!
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My sister didnt sleep all night and is scared.
She will call and tell me what they say.
Its in 1 Hour.
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The Vet gave my Sister a choice. She said they can watch the lump and see if it gets bigger or have it removed
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Does your sister only have one rat? If so it is very important that rats have same species company.
I hope little Mr. Rattie ends up being okay, rats can live very happily for months with tumors, so it isn't an automatic death sentence. Two of my ratties had mammary lumps and I chose not to have them removed because both of my girls were over 2 years, had battled with respiratory infections for most of their lives and had damaged lungs as a result. Libertine lived a for 5 months after and remained completely happy in herself the entire time. Vertigo lived happily for 4 months before she began having problems getting around (she was born with only 1 front arm, the lump completely covered her little stump making it very difficult for her to get around) and lost her will to go on, it was heartbreaking because despite her handicap she could do anything as good as or better than the other rats, and she was the alpha.
As for neutering, I wish it were only $70! I have never heard of it being that low for rats. One of my rattie boys, Albion was having behavioural issues so I had him neutered at a cost of $150 and I was quoted at $350 by the only other exotics vet in the city. It was worth it because until that point he could not live with other rats and he was always on the verge of biting me, so he had absolutely no companionship - he was never able to live with other rats but I did develop a very close relationship with him.
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How did it go with the lump? I had a female with a lump last year and they removed it pretty easily from just below her front leg. It went well, and she recovered fully.
I have also had a male castrated, as he was being bullied and we decided to place him with the girls who would look after him. Again went well and certainly didn't cost as much as what you have been quoted. (Even working out the money conversion as $2 per £1 we paid £25)
I hope the little boy is ok.

Is there a Rattie type thread? Where there are pics to share?
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Originally Posted by chelly View Post
Is there a Rattie type thread? Where there are pics to share?
I haven't seen one,but maybe someone could make one! I would love to show off my boysies!
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My Sister is going to watch the lump instead of having it removed. I have a Pic of her Rat somewhere.
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