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think I have food poisoning

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I've never had a serious illness due to food, but I think I may have food poisoning now!

I've been nauseous and violently vomiting today . I can't keep anything down, not fluids, nothing. I haven't even tried to eat. I've been sleeping most of the day so I dragged myself out of bed...

My SO is ill too, same symptoms.

any experience with this kind of thing? I just want it to be over...
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I have experienced food poisoning before, it's not fun! Make sure you drink a lot of water! Even if your body says no, keep drinking water! Did you both eat something different or new?
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Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.
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we both ate something different from the same source. The ingredients easily could have crossed.
I just woke up for the first time all day not needing to puke so I'm going to try to eat some soup now and hope it stays down...

water huh? been drinking plenty of that but it won't stay down so far...

off to eat! wish me luck...
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I had food poisoning a long, long time ago and still can't eat the cause again.

I recommend just letting it ride out. Your body is trying to rid itself of whatever bad bacteria is in it. Drinking or eating will only cause you to barf more and you can go without water for several hours, so I would worry less about water now and worry about drinking it tomorrow.

When you're done vomiting and you're stomach is still unsettled but you know you need to eat/drink something, I'll drink Sprite/7Up/Sierra Mist and eat crackers...but nothing heavy on the salt like saltines.
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Thanks. I have been drinking a lemon lime type soda. My mom gave it to me when I was sick as a kid.
I wonder if it really helps or if it's a mental thing? I was wondering about that. If it comforts us and therefore makes us feel better? My grampa used to give my mom soft boiled eggs when she was sick as a kid, she still eats them when she's not feeling well.
I can't imagine eating an egg when I don't feel well...

Anyway, we both seem to be in the clear. Shawn went to work this morning.
Stomach is still delicate and I feel pretty weak but I managed to keep down a little soup and think I'm gonna go to work tonight.

whew. sure was rough...
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Awww, I hope you feel better soon
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I hope you are feeling better -- there also seem to be some stomach bugs going around now.
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My Husband just had it a few weeks ago. My post is on here somewhere. He had Diarrea 21 times threw up 7 times. He was better in a few days. He also got very Dizzt from it. He had his Cancer dr a few days later and she said it was food poisoning for sure. I made him drink 7up and Ginger Ale. It came from a Chinese Place we always go too. I had Pork Buns and was fine. He had Sweet and Sour Pork with Egg Drop Soup. I have had food posioning 2 times. Once me and my husband got it in Lake Havisu when we were on Vac from a Salad Bar. My Sister didnt eat the Salad Bar and didnt get it. The other time I got it from Tacos at a fast food place. You ca try Oatmeal too.
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Oh Ive had that!! Its terrible!! If you go to the doctor for it they'll give you something for the nausea normally! I like the zofran because you dont have to swollow anything, just put it on your toungue and it will disolve in a couple seconds! Works miracles!! I so hope you feel better soon!! have some chicken noodle soup! That always makes me feel better!
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thanks guys.

I feel better now after taking a few pain relievers and running around at work all night.
think it was just the thing to get my blood going and get the rest of the ickies out!

hope that never happens again, it was just awful...
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