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Poor thing ... (Kind of long ...)

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Hopefully this is in the right place ...

Today, I was in the car with my mom, and we were driving through our old neighborhood. As we were driving, my mom saw a cat and though it looked hurt, so she turned the car around. I saw it first; it was horrible.
The poor things leg was a mess; it seemed as if the skin and fur had come right off the side of it's leg. The worst part was that it was dangling from it. It was terrible and sad and ... I don't think there's a word to Describe it. We both got out of the van and went to get the poor thing ... and then it ran under the car.
It took us awhile, but with the help of these two girls who came out, we managed to get a hold of him. They lent us an old towel to use, and we put him in a box we found in the car and drove to the veterinarian hospital near by.
They took him to check him and weigh him and stuff and we waited.
And then the vet came to talk to us.
It didn't turn out so well.
Apparently, it lost a lot of blood, and when they took it's temperature, they didn't get anything(Or something like that. I can't really remember).
He was also covered him fleas; a bunch of them fell off of him, they said.
But, to me at least, that wasn't the worst part.
Remember how there was something dangling from his leg?
Well, apparently, there was this metal hook thing in his leg, and the fur/skin that came off we dangling on it.
The vet said that either someone was trying it 'fix it'(because making thing worse fixes everything) or someone was being mean to it. Either way, I hope a tree falls on them.
He told us about the options we had; they could operate on it, which would, of course would cost a lot of money, around 400, I believe, or amputate it, which would cost even more, about 1,400 dollars, which meant that it was out of the question.
And then he said that we might end up having to put him to sleep.
and then I started to cry.

Anyway, my mom and my dad (My mom called him) talked with the vet.
They're going to going to put an IV in him with warm fluids and ... something else, I don't remember, and they're going to test him and see if he leukemia.
I pray he doesn't.
They're going to monitor him and, if he's strong enough and everything, they'll do surgery on his leg.

They said that there's a slim chance he'll make it and not to get our hopes up.
I don't know anything about it (None of us do). I don't even know if it's a boy or a girl, but ...
I'm so worried about it. I've cried so much today over it and the thought of having to have it put to sleep makes me ill. I know that if there's nothing that can be done for it, if it's in pain, if it's to injured, that there's nothing else we can do ... but I don't want it to die.
It's been through so much pain; who know's how long it's been like that? God knows that pretty much no one in that stuck up neighborhood wouldn't care to help it. It doesn't deserve this at all.

I'm sorry this is so long, and if this is in the wrong place ...
I just wanted to put this up and ask to please pray a little for it to be okay ...
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That is Terrible and it made me Cry. I sure hope it lives.
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Oh, honey.... lots of vibes that your little friend makes it!!!

And bless you and your mom and dad for trying to help!!

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Thank you for helping the poor baby. Lots of prayers headed his way.
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Oh my bless that poor little kitties heart.
I'm sending lots of and Prayers that he/she makes it.

You, your Mom and Dad are truly for helping this little sweetheart as well as the girls that stopped to help you.
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thats HORRIBLE! Please tell us how he or she is doing!!!!!!
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Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the good vibes and prayers, and to say that we got a call from the vet today, and he said that the cat is doing a lot better; it ate some food and it's temperature has gone up.
They removed the wire from his leg. From the way it was in there, they think someone did it to be mean, which really ticks me off.
I just can't believe that someone could do something so terrible! I wonder how much they'd like it if someone did that to THEM?
The vet said that we could come and see the cat on monday; I can't wait!

Anyway, thanks you all so much again!
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I hope he keeps getting better. There are so many bad people around that hurt Animals.
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I hope that the cat will continue to improve. I know it is hard but you have already done a great deal to help this poor cat.
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Hope the sweet baby continue to heal!!!
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Oh my goodness the poor little thing! I am sending many prayers and vibes that the little one will make it through
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This made me cry too. You have wonderful parents to rescue this poor innocent creature like they are. I hope he/she makes a full recovery and then has a forever home, a safe home.

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Sending prayers and good wishes that your found kitty makes it to a full recovery. You and your parents are wonderfull people...
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Oh thank God.
Thats great news!!! I hope you stay around to keep us posted on him OR her!
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Ditto.. keep us posted. Bless you & yr mom & dad for helping. to you! and to kitty.
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Oh that is beyond horrible!!!!!!! Praying it makes a full recovery. Please keep us all updated on everything.
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Hearing about cruelty like this makes me so angry and sad!
People who do that sort of thing deserve to have the same thing done to them!

You and your parents are good people for taking care of this poor cat.
I hope kitty continues to get better!
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Sending prayers and vibes that the kitty recovers and that he can finally know safety, comfort & love that will erase his memories of his torture!!
Bless you & your family for rescuing him and the vet for his valiant efforts to save him

As for those who did it to him, too late they will learn that "karma" and "juju" do exist...
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Tons of healing headed the kitties way!!!
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Hope kitty is doing ok. What a horrible story. Sending healing vibes.
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Hey everyone! Thanks for all the vibes. :]

We went to the vets today, and ust got back.
I thought I'd tell you all how the cats doing.

He's doing really well, they said.
When we went to see him, he was laying in the corner of his cage, resting.
His legs all wrapped up, and they've got an IV in him; they had this blue cast thing around the leg it was in so he couldn't move it around.
And they got rid of all of his fleas, which is great.

He's such a pretty cat; really small though.
He's got a cone around his head, too. I don't think he was very happy about it ...

They said that they'd like to neuter him wall he's there; I can't remeber why.
They said that they're going to do surgery on him tomorrow, and we can pick him up on wendsday; we'll have to bring him every 2-3 days to have his bandages changed, though.

Anyway, I'm just glad he's doing so well.
He seemed a little wary of us, though.
I don't blame him.
After what happened to him, I would be to.
Oh, and by the way, it's a boy. I almost forgot to put that.
:] We're trying to think of a name for him; they said if we come up with one, to call them. They've just been calling him cat up until now.

I wonder what we'll call him ...
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Thanks so much for the update.
Sending lots of and Prayers that the surgery goes well.

Good luck with picking a name...our cats have always had human names...I've just always looked at their faces and their names have just come to me.

Bless you and your parents for helping the dear little guy.
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Thank you and your family for saving the little guy. People like you are to few and far between. Please keep us updated on how the little boy is doing. Lots of healing vibes for him...
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I'd name him Lucky - he got lucky when he found you folks. Glad to hear he's doing well.
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That was so wonderful of you to help that poor kitty! Glad to hear hes doing better!
Heres unlimited healing & calming for that sweet kitty!
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Hey, everyone. Just thought I'd go and say how he's doing ...

Not so well.
We took him home today; he's stayed in his cage most of the time, resting.
Several minutes ago, we took him out of his cage to give him his medicine, anti-biotics, I believe, and he shot off before we could get him; he ran into the kitchen. When mom went to get him, I closed the basement door ... just in case.

Anyway, he ran off again, this time into the family room. And this time ...
He pee'd. He was so scared, he pee'd. Good thing we have wooden floors.

Anyway, he ran around the room, and when I almost got him ... I knocked something over.
And then he ran into the living room.
Anyway, he got into the corner, and I was able to get him when he ran, righ to me, too.
Mom wraped him in an old blanket, and we desided to take him into the upstairs bathroom; there really aren't any places to run, and we can close the door.
We were able to give him his medicine; he was actually pretty good about it; he didn't struggle at all.
After that, we tried to put him into his cage, and then ran to the corner of the room. When I picked him up, he freaked out and crapped all over the floor in fear. D: The poor little guy; he's just so scared.

Anyway, we desided to put him in one of the showers; we never use it, we think it's to small. It has sliding glass doors, and we're able to fit his litterbox and his food dish into it, and he's got plenty of room to find a place to sleep; we put lots of nice soft towels in it, and the blanket we used before.

However, we're really worried; he's not eating, and I don't think he's had anything to drink, either.
We went to the store and got some wet foor for him (The vet said that that's what they were feeding him, so we thought he might eat that instead), but he hasn't eaten any yet. At least, I don't think he has.

Hopefully he'll eat some soon, and have some water.

We're also worried about him being so afraid and stuff; we hope he'll get over it at some point; if not, we're going to be in trouble.

I wish we could do something ...
Any ideas?

Oh! And we figured out a name for him; Reid.
After a character on a TV show I like.
I think it's a nice name~
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I'm sorry the poor little guy is so scared, but I guess after all he's been though it's understandable.

I have a question about the size of the shower he's in.
How big is it?
If it's too small you've probably got a problem, because he's not going to eat, sleep and poop all within a very confined space.
Could you take him out of the shower and just keep him in the bathroom where the shower is located?

When we brought Elliott in we kept him in our spare bathroom.
His food was on one side of the room and his litter box on the other side of the room, his bed was somewhere in the middle but much closer to the food than to the litter.

Good luck, I hope the little guy calms down very soon, bless his little heart.
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Good luck. I'm sure he'll be ok. Our new kitty didn't eat for 24-36 hours when we rescued him in November. It's not unusual to take a day or 2 to calm down enough to eat.
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:] Don't worry; the shower's plenty big; bigger then the cage they had him in at the vets.
Anyway, he ate his food last night, and he went to the bathroom, and I'm pretty sure he drank some water.

We took him out of the shower a little bit ago and gave him his medicine. He kicked a bunch of litter in the shower, so my dad cleaned it all up.
My mom brushed him out with a comb; a lot of hair came off. He's got pretty long hair.
:] he didn't freak out, and didn't flinch when we pet him, and when we put him on the floor, he didn't run off; he just lay there and let up pet him some more.

We gave him more food, and when we put him back into the shower, he ate all of it; my mom put more in there, an when I checked on him a few minutes ago, he ate all of that, too!

I think he's doing a lot better; the fact that he let us watch him as he ate and let us comb him must mean he's starting to trust ... a little.

Oh, and he was shivering somewhat, too; the bathrooms really not that cold, but we put this little heater we have in there to warm the room up.
Hopefully it'll help.
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