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I do not know when my Cocos Bday is

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Coco is almost 16 but I do not know her Bday. I believe it is next week or first week of March. She was between 6-8 Weeks when we got her the end of April or first week of May in 1992.
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I do not know the exact birthday of my 11 cats either. The older ones were adopted as adults so I am not even sure how old they actually are.
I usually celebrate their arrival/adoption day though.
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Coco is almost 16 years old....
that is really special.
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I don't know the exact birthdates of some of my kitties either... so I just give them all a birthday myself and we celebrate it every year!
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I think I will have her Bday in March. When she was 9 she almost died and was down to 4 Pounds. The Er Vet even said it didnt look good a the time. They thought she had diabetis because her gluclose was 329 then and she had Severe Anemia. Her fur was coming out in Clumps and she would fall over. There was one test they didnt take and my Vet did. It was Fia. Feline Infections Anemia. Her Blood tests normal now. I also had to have my other Cats tested at the time. Coco got sick 3 Weeks after Lucy died. The vet thinks she might have had it too. It was Sept 2001 when Coco was very Sick. The Er had a Flag bandana on her neck. It was right after 911. Coco does have some problems. She could not be fixed because it wasnt safe for her. She has Asthma and Arthitis too. Coco and Lucy were such good friends. Lucy had her Shots and was fixed and still got sick. Coco had one litter of Kittens and I kept one and my Sister took her Son and my Cousin the other one. She was very good with them. She is very good with Oreo my new Kitten and treats her as her own. When I got my Male I had him fixed very young so he would not get Coco. Sadly I lost him at age 5 Jan 11. Coco was at the Vets the day yoshi was Pts. I even tried to see if he could get a Kidney Transplant but he didnt qualify becaus ethe Kidney Stones. Coco had bladder stones in 2006 and S/D got rid of them She had a infection then too. She had one in Nov again but is ok now. She just had a bad Cold she got from Meeko who will be 8 in June. The vet said other then a few problems she is in good health. Her girl Stormy I last Dec 5 from Kidney Failure. The time she got Preg was because I had to leave her at my Dads and the unfixed Male got her. I was going to get him fixed myself but didnt have the money. All my Cats were left there because i could not have them at the time. Coco is now almost 10 Pounds. The Kitten I got has Fcks and is the Runt. She is almost 6 Months now. I picked her because of her problems.
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I forgot to say I would love to show Coco to the Er Vet that said to have her Pts in 2001. They would not know she is the same Cat.
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When we got Rusty and Dusty.. (can't believe it's been 4 weeks ago already!) the lady I got them from said they were either born Dec 1st or 2nd. So we will celebrate the 1st.

They are now 11 weeks old and growing like weeds!
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Time sure does go by fast. I got my Kitten in Nov. How many Cats do you have?
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Time sure does go by fast. I got my Kitten in Nov. How many Cats do you have?
Just my 2 little girls
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I have 4 now.
Coco almost 16
Meeko will be 8 in June
Sasha 1.5
Oreo 6 Months in a few days.
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