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I"m learning to sleep through anything...

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I need to add a section onto my page about fostering that covers noise levels....

ok, sleeping through kittens playing incessently with jingling balls and rattling toys on the bed next to your ears I mastered.

sleeping through kitties needing to tell you how much they love you by rubbing all over your face at 4am I am working on, but go back to sleep quickly

sleeping through kitties nursing on my nose....no, it still wakes me up and I have to hide under the covers esp when the kitties are over a year and want to knead on my face

sleeping through the scent of coccidea...that took some doing but I learned it.

sleeping through the yowls of a female in heat...ok, got that too

however last night reached new levels.
I brought home Cassiel, a recenlty trapped adult TOM with a very sore paw. He is on meds, but I wanted to keep an eye on him so I brought him home from the shelter. He is in my bathroom.
I've had Toms before, but he is by far the SMELLIEST Tom I've had inside. Ok, I can deal. lots of litter changing, using expensive litter and the cat odor neutralizer spray.
He is friendly.
He is lonely.

oh dear.... the female upstairs in the foster room heard him
and so she answers

and he answers
and she answers

and Valentine gets on the turbo scratcher...whirrrrrwhiirrrrwhirrrrr

and somehow, I get to sleep.

I think Fireball will be getting spayed ASAP even tho no one has inquired about her yet just to save my sanity.

sorry, no picts of Cassiel yet.

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Funny and very cute!!
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Bendy - I can't really imagine what you're going through!!!

Hubby and I went insane when we brought two cats inside. We were new to cats altogether, and we were totally unprepared for the many, many sleepless nights. Hubby is an insomniac to begin with, and he doesn't fall back to sleep easily.

You are obviously a Sleep Goddess (or God)! Hats off to you! We still have sleepless nights - and they're not kittens anymore (they're 10 - 11 months old now). Shelly STILL insists on jumping all over us at 4:00am ish, Lazlo still insists on meowing and meowing - WAKE UP AND PLAY WITH ME! at between 7:00 and 8:00am - so no sleeping in, EVER, anymore.

I quickly started wondering - how do cat owners get any sleep? Is the entire owned-by-cat world walking around in some zombie like state? THAT was one of our biggest problems rescuing our kitties! :tounge2:
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MY superbly trained pair would NEVER do anything, like that. Actually, since they are firmly convinced that they are people, they go to bed at night and go to sleep, too.

It took a week of shutting Rowdy out of the bedroom, to stop her from attacking at 2:00 a.m. and Opie has always snuggled down on a pillow, at bedtime.
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We considered living through the nightmare of yowling cats... but our home is so small to begin with (an RV), and their "bed-beds" are in the bedroom.

Besides - Gary's an insomniac to begin with, and he has to be able to get up and move around at night. As soon as he opens that door, one or the other of the three is in the bedroom like a shot, and then he has to wake me up to get at the cat to get it back out of the bedroom.... so between Gary and the cats, somebody's waking up and disturbing me anyway!

We decided not to bother fighting that fight! :tounge2:
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I don't notice Snowball's nighttime activity very much. He alternates between sleeping and being active. When he's active he usually just wanders around the house and plays with cat toys.

When our cat, Midnight, was alive nighttime was a little more difficult, since she was a Siamese-mix and was sometimes demanding. When Midnight wanted my day to start she would start purring really loud and would give me a lot of head-butts. She would also start licking me and would poke me with her claws out, (not kneading, just jabbing), she was very persistant.
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is "you realize you won't sleep for the next year, right?"

Jean-Claude is toooooooo snuggly for his own good.

I moved Cassiel upstairs after he repeatedly broke out the bathroom. He is now in a cage....across from the female who is just smiling and smiling at him.
well, at least they are upstairs, behind a clsoed door, and I am downstairs. I might sleep better tonite.
I took a nap this afternoon.

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