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And with a smile like that you know its not just gas!
She's smiling about something there! Looks like such a happy little girl already!! Good work!! They're so cute I just have to keep coming back to take a peek! LOL
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LovelyLovelyLovely, Dan.

Welcome to the world, Ashley Louise.
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Ashley, you precious little sweetheart! Jasmine is going to be such a wonderful big sister! These pictures are so beautiful and special Dan!
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Dan, she's a living Doll Love the pic of her smiling Jasmine is absolutely stunning, her eyes are amazing
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Dan, you've been very missed - but really, the reason for your absence doesn't get better than this!

What FABULOUS pictures! I love the new ones! You have an absolutely stunning family - and I can't believe how perfect little Ashley Louise is! : She's gonna give Jasmine a run for her money!


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She is so precious, and I'm glad everything went fairly smoothly for you. Congratulations on two beautiful daughters.

And the HYATT!?!! The hospital transferred you to the Hyatt for a night? Do they do that often? Sheesh, nice!
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Congratulations. She is beautiful!
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Heres two new pics of Ashley Their all doing great, and their tired but she's worth it!

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Wow what beautiful girls you have!! Jasmine looks like quite the proud BIG sister! Congratulations to you all!
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Awwww, what a doll!
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Oh just look at how precious Ashley is.
I am weak from cuteness overload.
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Congratulations... both your girls are little beauties...
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