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Welcome Ashley Louise....

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I know some of you already know the news as Susan posted in the PL a couple of weeks back but some of you who do not have access to the PL have seen my new signature (thankyou Heidi for the nice surprise) and sent me pm's so I thought I would I would start a thread in the lounge for everyone.

Ashley Louise was born on Feb 2 at 10.26am via planned c-section (3.5 weeks early due to complications) wieghing 2.8kg's (6pounds 2ounces).
Ashley & Jasmine both share the same middle name

I cant believe its been 2 weeks since our little girl arrived and what a crazy, hectic, glorious, wonderful 2 weeks it has been.
I honestly have tried to come on every day or so to post but I just never seem to get the time. Now I have both girls in bed, Chris is making me lunch so here I am.

The c-section this time was much better than I expected although I shed many a tears in the morning leading up to it, especially when we dropped Jasmine off at the inlaws. I was so scared and nervous of so many things.
I remember the whole procedure this time which is great considering I dont remember much from Jasmine's birth.
Thankfully I was only in recovery for a short time before I joined Chris & Ashley. Such a better experience.

Thankfully she didnt need to be admitted into Special Care Nursery at all when she was born and they were all pleased on how well she was doing. She did have to be admitted to SCN on the 3rd day for about 5 hours but that all turned out fine.

I even managed to get a night in the Park Hyatt (a very classy hotel) on my last night in hosptial (our hospital does transfer's there). It was a big joke amoung the midwife's as my OB does not all ceaser patients to go the Hyatt but never say never is my motto and I was on a mission. The midwive's all offered me chocolate if I could get him to agree so I stalked him until he said yes It was nice to see how the rich live for a night.

An added bonus was my father was having his cancer treatment in the building next door to the Hyatt so I got to go and see him as well while Chris looked after Ashley. I think he really appreciated that.

So now we are home and reality begins. I must admit that things are going pretty well which surprises me. Ashley is a wonderful sleeper, just like Jasmine was so I am hoping that we continue down this path.

I am managing to Breast Feed Ashley although its not completely successful. Unfortunatly it seems that I am just one of those women with a low supply. I have spoken to a lacation consultant who has advised I am doing everything right. So I am just doing what I can right now.
Ashley was weighed by the Nurse on Tuesday and unfortunatly only put on 40g in 6 days. She will be weighed again on Monday and then I will have to make a decision on whether to continue with the BFeeding or put her on more formula. It will depend on how much weight she has put on so we will wait and see. I have to admit though that I dont see what others see in BFeeding... I dont enjoy it at all but I am sticking with it!
I have lost alot of weight though so I guess thats a positive thing right? LOL

Jasmine has reacted amazingly to her new little sister. She absolutely adores her, infact I think adores her a little too much. She wants to help with EVERYTHING that involves Ashley and is often heard to say "Wake Atty now???" Because of this, Ashley spends alot of time sleeping BEHIND closed doors.

I am still exhausted even though she is sleeping so well. I think night time wake up's hurt regardless. Jasmine is also still not sleeping through so thats an added frustration. It can only get better hopefully.

So some photos... some of you will have already seen some of these but I have added a few new ones

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I didn't even know you were pregnant!!

So does Jasmine like her little sis??? Good luck with the breastfeeding-is it that you aren't producing enough??? Perhaps she can still nurse with formula supplementation at least for the first 6 weeks (*crossing fingers*)

Another beautiful daughter-congrats again!!
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She's adorable!
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She is so adorable! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations, you are so blessed with such a gorgeous family
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Congratulations! She is beautiful!
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Awww Danielle, those pics are so precious Congrats again!!
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oh she's soooo adorable, Congratulations!!
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Oh how sweet!!! Congrats!!!
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Oh she is just sooooo precious!!! What a sweetheart!!!! Congratulations to all 3 of you!
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Awwwwww What a cutie!!! Congrats!!
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OMG! She is soooo cute!! Congrats sweetie! And look at how huge Jasmine has grown Aww she is such a pretty little thing! I think it's soo sweet how much she loves her little sister.
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what a Beautiful family you have!!! The Bfeeding thing is different for all I think! I loved it with Angel, and nursed her for 18 months... TILL SHE BIT ME!!! The boys didn't get nursed over a year... it had lost its glory long ago! Nothing wrong with adding in some formula if you can't produce enough, with my second kid I just couldn't make enough and he was so hungry that after he lost a little weight the dr said to give him a mix of it... He slepped oh so much better! Im glad you're doing so well and your family is too!! The baby is absolutely perfect, as is her sister, But little Ashley doesn't even have a cone head!! HOW LUCKY!! Perfect from the very minute she was born!
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Aw, look at that little smile already! You've got two simply beautiful little girls.
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Both girls are so gorgeous!

Congratulations to all of you!
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I didnt know you were pregnant either! Aww congratulations danielle!
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Congratulations!!!!!!A beautiful baby and big sister to boot!
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Congratulations! Ashley looks so beautiful


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Welcome to the world Ashley Louise. She's adorable! Both of your daughters are.
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post
This picture melts my heart Dan.
Ashley Louise and Jasmine sisters together.

I will keep your Father in My thoughts.
He must have been so happy to see you.

I always thought breast feeding was over rated too.

Thanks for the update....
I can't stop smiling.
I am so happy for you.
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What precious pictures of two precious girls.
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They are both gorgeous girls

Welcome to the world Ashley Louise
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Welcome to TCS Ashley Louise!!!!

Many Congratulations Dan & Chris!!!
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Congratulation! She is just precious...both your daughters are.
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Glad things are going well for the most part, Dan. Your girls are just gorgeous!! I just love the pic of Ashley smiling; she knows she's got it good! And Jasmine with her baby sister, too cute!
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What a beautiful family!!!

I didnt know you were even pregnant! *blushes*

Anwyays~Congrats to you!!!!!
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post

Smiling already! Congratulations!!
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Awww.....look at the new addition! I absolutely LOVE the smiling pic!

Congrats and hugs to all!
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