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Training for the kittie olypmics

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Here are some photos of Roscoe and Peaches chasing after and jumping for their favorite toy, a little birdie tied to one of my fishing poles (poor birdie has no feathers left haha)

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WOW... stunning pictures...
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Fantastic Photos!. Beautiful kitties that look to be having quite the fun workout.

You and Watchcaddy are going to have to talk cameras.
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AWESOME Pics!!! Are you a profession photographer?? You have to be good to get shots like that! What kind of camera do you have? Seriously, I'm not an expert but they look very professional to me. Have you ever thought about going and getting action shots in...oh, I don't know...Africa or somewhere??

Oh, your cats are gorgeous too! You can tell they love that poor little birdie.
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Awesome pictures!
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Calico2222, no I'm not a professional, photography is just a (very expensive) hobby for me. Everyone once in a while I get lucky and land a freelance gig, actually I have one this Sunday, I'm going to be shooting a triathlon. I've also considered trying to get into pet photography as well but so far I haven't put forth any effort other than in my own living room. My camera is a Nikon D300, it's one of the best cameras available for action photography that's still somewhat reasonably priced for a hobbyist like myself.
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Excellent pictures
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Wow I would LOVE you to come and get Charlie in some of his jumps. Our digital is a 1 second delay and we can't get those kind.

You have wonderful pictures
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gorgeous picture's!
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