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Cat Is Still Sick.

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Ok Let Me Give You The Last Week Details..
Monday Frankie Went Outside For A While It Started Snowing And Icying So He Came Back In Nothing Abnormal There, He Normally Goes Out In The Day And Comes In At Night.. I Know Its Not Good To Let Him, So Please Don't Jump On Me For That...
Tues. Morning I Noticed Frankie Was Coughing A lot, Also Bring Up phlegm.. I Called Out TO My Vet And Ask If I Should Start Giving Him Some Antibiotic, My Vet said Yes. At That Point Frankie Was Still Eating And Drinking Well..
No Other Symptoms Except He Acted Like He Had A Sore Throat.
That Night Was A Very Sleepless Night. With Frankie Coughing All Night To Me Having Nightmare About Him Dieing In My Arms.

Weds. Morning After Getting A Hour Of Sleep I Get Up And Frankie Was Laying At His Food Bowl So Of Course I Feed Him Except This Morning He Does Not Eat It Nor Does He drink..
Still The Only Symptoms He Has Is Coughing And Phlegm Soar Throat And now Not Eating And laying around a lot. So At 10 a.m I Took Him To The Vet.
Vet Called Later That Afternoon And Said They Where Going To keep Him Over Night. That Frankie Had Fluid In His Lungs.. And A URI. The Vet Told Me It Was The Worse Case She Had Seen In A Long Time. So Of Course I was expecting The Worse. That Evening He Got Two Shots Antibiotics and steroid Shot..
Thur. Called vet And They Said They Where Going To Keep Him Again, But His Cough Was Getting Better.. Again He Got The Same Shots That Evening...

Fri. I Called The Vet She Said He Will Get To Come Home This Evening After The Vet Gives Him Two More Shot Antibiotics And Steroids. So I Go Pick Him Up, And Bring Him Home..
He Still Has A Cough But Not Coughing Up Phlegm, When He Breathes He has To Open His Mouth.. He Is Eating And Drinking Again. But Still Seems Very Sick..
I am Not sure What I Am Wanting To Know Maybe Just Comforting..
Or Maybe Your Opinion If You Think The Vet Missed Something..
DO You Really Think That Its Just A upper respiratory infection.
Or Am I Over Reacting
Sorry For The Long Post.
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Well it's good he's eating again, and drinking. I don't have much experience with kitty URI's, but many here do.

I hope Frankie feels better soon
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Hi - I have a persian that gets several URI's a year, but he has never had fluid build up in the lungs. Did the vet mention anything about pneomonia. Sometimes URI's can turn into pneomonia when really bad. Is he on an Antibiotic? My cat just had an URI and was on antibiotics for over 1 1/2 months. Sometimes it takes a while if it is really bad before you see improvement. Make sure he is eating and drinking. Also, get a humidifer and put it in the room where he is most of the time. They help a great deal. I have one that runs all winter for my baby. Another trick... put him in the bathroom with you while you take a hot shower. Close all doors and let the steam stay in; this also helps open up the nasal passages.

If he is going to respond to the antibiotic you should start to see improvement within 5 days or so. If not, the antibiotic may need to be switched. It took 3 different antibiotics before one finally worked for my cat. Just something to keep in mind...

Good luck,
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if he wasn't eating and drinking, but now he is that is a good sign that he is starting to feel better. Poor little man will just take some time to get better, as mentioned before if he gets worse at all or stops eating again take him back to the vet, he may need his antibiotic switched.

Good luck
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Well frank is all well and better now. thanks for everyones advices and comments. it was touch and go for several days.
Bad news was after Frankie Start feeling better my Aunt Pasted away Because of fluid in her lungs. can't win them all...
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