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Oh gee poor Stumpy!!

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I was playing chasey with Smudge (she runs at me, then runs away and loves to be chased...), and just as I ran past the cat tree Stumpy jumped off the cat tree and onto the couch.

Only, rather than landing on the couch, she ran smack bang into my head mid-flight! She bounced off and still managed to land on her feet.

She's been licking her lips since, so I think she bumped her mouth on my head...
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Oh I'm so sorry, that had to smart! Stoli's done that before and I just want to pick him up and snuggle him and kiss him and call him george!
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Awww!! lol
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Poooor baby! No more jumping on Meowmie's head!
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poor girl!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Poooor baby! No more jumping on Meowmie's head!
She must have a sore head! Poor thing
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Aww. Poor little Stumpy. They're so funny, haha. Buster always smacks his head into things, he's a big clumsy boy. Doorknobs, glass tables, mini fridges, futons and lamps. I feel bad for laughing as hard as I do, but he's just so funny. I always have to love all over him to make up for it, though. When he was a very tiny kitten he was even more clumsy, and always had little lumps from hitting his head while he was running around. My poor little awkward baby.
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Poor Stumpy! Is she ok now?
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Awwww...poor thing!!! Bet she'll be 'looking both ways' before jumping off the tree again!!!Haha!
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