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Need a new cell phone- any suggestions on brands???

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Well, Fosters decided to make a meal out of my poor cell phone so i now need a new one. (For reference: ) I DID have a motorola pink razor....before Fosters ate it

I am not sure what to get but i want one that is slim, preferably a flip phone, camera, speaker phone, and one that will not break easily if it gets dropped on accident. Any suggestions???

These are a few i was looking at. Any suggestions???

here's the comparison of the ones i like
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I love my razor- I drop it everyday & its held up good so far for over a year for me! I never want to get rid of it
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I've got a silver Razor. I liked it at first but i prefer my Samsung fliptop.

I'll definitely be changing it when i renew my contract in september.
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I'm a Nokia or Samsung fan personally. For one, Samsung makes the same charger for all their phones (that I know of) so if you buy a car charger for one, then upgrade to a Samsung you don't need to buy a new charger. Genius in my opinion

I like Nokias as well because they seem to last longer and they receive better reception.

I heard too many people complain about the RAZR so I decided against it. Besides I found out I wasn't a big fan of the Motorola products...the batteries for them didn't last long...I was buying a new one every 6-7 months...I don't even talk alot!!
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I'm motorola fan - I love my krzr....
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There's the new Razor that's coming out, or already did. It's supposed to have better software, a bigger LCD screen and a 'straighter' keypad design. It looks great! Is your 2 year upgrade soon? Then you could get most new phones for really really cheap!
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I have always had Nokias and they are g2g
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I was looking at new phones too.
I was thinking of adding internet onto my phone so I was looking at the best I could do without going to a smartphone/PDA. The new motorola razor was rated good but my cellphone provider has it for $199!!

Some Nokias are better than others from what I have researched
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I like my Razor too! I'm horrible to my electronics, they have to be strong!!!! The Razor has held up nicely for me.....just don't let your horse step on it that was interesting to explain to insurance.

The Razor2 looks pretty sweet!
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The iPhone!!!! (FTW)
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I love my Razor too. Mine is the Pink One.
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Ok Nikki, I am in the same boat as you although I dropped mine in water ! I really do like the new razr colors though, I love that lavender and the red I do currently have a Samsung though which wasnt bad at all, had no real problems at all with it! But of course my mom has the razor and I like her phone too
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yea I posted on the other thread too!

I have the pink razr and LOVE it! I had one problem with it, but they exchanged it no problems!
My B/F has one of the walkman phones that he really likes! Its a sony ericson wsomething lol!
My room mate has a sync and likes it or hates it... it depends on the day!
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I have an LG VX8600, and I really like it. (It's a sleek flip version of Chocolate.)

I had a Motorola before, and after some time the charger would not properly
connect to the phone. When I went to the Verizon store, I was told that this was a common problem with Motorola phones and was recommended Samsung or LG.

So far my phone has survived a few falls. And earlier today, it was launched off of my desk by Nova.

I would definitely buy another LG phone.
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I must be odd - I hate my magenta RAZR. I've had it two years and cannot wait to trade it off. The battery is not good, and the phone is too wide to hold comfortably. It is slippery and *everyone* has the same pink one.

If I had ATT (but I don't) I'd definitely get the iPhone.
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I have a MOTORAZR2 V9. I got it in November as a gift. I never had the previous model. I LOVE it! It has a great durability and is easy to use. I also like that it doesn't look "cheap". Different companies have it. I have Sprint. Here's AT&T's version...
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I have an LG Fusic and it's pretty good. My first phone was an LG and still worked great when I traded it. My second phone was a Samsung that was a piece of junk. Hated it. Then I got my Fusic.

When I can trade up I'm either getting a Treo or the Centro. My Dh loves his Treo, and my PDA will probably be ready to be retired when I can get a new phone.
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i just got a new phone last night, my sister finally was able to switch companies and we both got Motorola w385, im sure its lower end then most everyone else here but i like it so far. if i could find a place to dl the stupid computer sync stuff for it. i about cried all the way home though, i am very bad with change, even something like switching cell phones depresses me to no end. crazy i know.
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I loved my little LG, but after blowing two viewscreens in three months, decided on a Nokia 601, I loved it, it even survived me throwing a temper tantrum and beating the crap out of it on the floor....... I upgraded to bluetooth compatibility with the 601i last year, and I STILL love it! Hub sticks with his Samsung, partly due to the fact that all their chargers are the same as mentioned above.
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Thankyou for all of the wonderful feedback everyone! I am planning to pick out the phone i like online tonight then this week i'll go to the store and double check that i really like it in person. If all goes well i'm going to order it online and join Colin's plan- we're going to upgrade and get a better plan so it will be good He's buying me a new phone since Fosters ate the other one

I'm still not sure which one to get yet though! I'm looking at the samsungs, nokias, and lg's at the moment- my old razor had problem after problem- it wouldn't hold a charge after a while, it had a really short batter life, it dropped calls- my old nokia on the other hand ran perfect for years and years. I love the slim profile of the razor, the pink color, and the fact that it has speaker and a flip style to it- but i think i might look at the other brands based on customer ratings/etc for one that might be a bit better. I'm keeping in mind though my razor was a first generation and they're now making 3rd generation ones so they are likely much improved. We'll see!
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