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The last thing that Jinx would want is for you to feel guilty Dave. She knows how much you love her and always will and she will always love you too. I got all choked up reading your story. I know how devestated you are, but please, don't blame yourself. You may not want to hear this now, but when you are feeling better, there are soooo many cats that desperately need loving homes. Perhaps you will open your heart and home to some sweet kitty who deserves one and who needs you. Other cats don't replace the ones we have lost but they too find a special place in our lives and lessen the pain.

Much love to you Jinx

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Thank you all so much for your messages over the last few days and especially for the private messages you took the time to send. It has been very much appreciated.

Having read through some of the other threads in the 'bridge' section, it is obvious that the overwhelming feeling of loss is not something which is peculiar to me but is something that effects everyone who has lost their loved pet.

I have another cat called Beau and although he is quite an independent fella and was more interested in what was in Jinxys bowl than Jinxy herself, he has shown signs of missing Jinx over the last day or so. His appetite is still fine (wild horses would not keep him from his bowl at feeding time!!) but he spends a lot of time smelling the areas where Jinxy has been and he also seems to search around looking for her. I am sure this will get easier for him in time but it is so hard not being able to speak 'cat' and explain what has happened.

In time I may consider getting another cat but I am not sure how Beau would respond. Beau is a cracking personality and I would not be without him but its nice to have an affectionate cat as well and Beau is not really a lap cat (unless there is munchies to be had )
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I have not been able to look at my pics of Jinx recently but thought you would like to put a face to the name!

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Oh Jinx...
what a sweet face.
You are missed sweetie pie.
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My deepest condolences on your tragic loss of Jinxy. I know how difficult those last memories are for you, but Jinxy has forgotten them now and is playing happily over RB - imagine her giving headbutts and purrs to your father and someday you will all be reunited again, this time forever.
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