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Pelvis injury

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My cat Jinxy went missing for over 24hrs this week, I eventually found her on one of my sweeps of the neighbourhood. I took her immediately to the vets, she was basically suffering from hypothermia and was very close to death. The excellent treatment she received meant she survived. The next day she was x-rayed because she was very reluctant to stand on her rear legs. It was found that where her pelvis met her spine was torn away. The vet has said this is not something they would normally be able to treat.
At the moment she is unable to pass urine or go for a number 2. Pre examination and x-ray she was showing contraction of her anus but this was not apparent post examination. The vet is hoping that this is something which has been aggravated by the examination and will come back.

Obviously it is early days and hopefully Jinx will make a full recovery. Has anybody had a similar experience and if so, can you give me any advice or tips on how to help Jinx in her recovery. She is still in the vet hospital and the vet would prefer to keep her there, which I think is the best thing for her at the moment.

Many thanks
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Does the vet think she was hit by a car?. The poor thing

Others will be on soon because of the time difference, but sending Jinxy lots of healthy healing and if you can keep us updated on how she's doing?
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It is difficult to say, but it would seem the injury is consistent with being hit by a car.

I will be going to visit her in an hour or so and will take her blanket so she has a smell of home. I do not know if it will have any benefit but I feel so completely useless at the moment and wish there was something I could do to help her.

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Originally Posted by Dave_s View Post
I will be going to visit her in an hour or so and will take her blanket so she has a smell of home. I do not know if it will have any benefit but I feel so completely useless at the moment and wish there was something I could do to help her.
Oh really it will!!. And if you have something in the laundry basket like a t-shirt or shirt that you've had on i would take that as well so it has your smell on it. I always leave a top that i've had on for work for my kitts when i go up to Scotland to see my partner.
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Just got back from visiting Jinx. She looks so pitiful just laying there and is obviously not feeling at all well. She will not eat of her own accord and is being syringe fed, but she keeps being sick afterwards. She vomited whilst I was there and had to be moved into another cage whilst they cleaned up. The new cage was only half the size and before I left I got them to move her back so she had room to stretch out.

I am not usually the type that gets all gushy about pets but I really do feel miserable seeing her in such a state and wish there was something more I could do.

I am going in again in the morning to chat with the vet and make sure I understand exactly what the injuries are, what is being done and what the options are. I do not care how much it costs, I just want her to get the best possible treatment.
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The poor baby, this must be so heartbreaking seeing her like this

Having a good chat with the vet tomorrow is an excellent idea, so let us know what they say?.

Continued healthy coming over for your little girl
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Just had a call from the vet and things are looking a lot worse.
She was concerned that Jinx had vomited so badly whilst I was with her and as a result did another x-ray. This showed that she has a hernia which is protruding through her abdomen and into her chest cavity which in turn is causing difficulty with her breathing.

She is being taken into surgery at the moment.

My dad died last year and as stupid as it sounds, I have that same feeling of fear and dread that I had then.
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Oh gosh...how awful. Many being sent for your baby.
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Hi Dave s , im so sorry to hear about Jinxy , im having a similer experience at the moment my Lucy has been in the vets since sunday she went missing and i found her with a broken tail she couldnt stand properly on her back legs it took her 4 days to go for a number 2 and she still cant pass urine herself they have to extract it manually .
I know exactly how you are feeling its been a rollercoaster of a week for me at first they said nothing could be done and gave her till today they said she would need putting to sleep but dont give up hope as ive just wrote in an update on here that she will be coming home soon . i felt so helpless i know you will be feeling too as all you want to do is make them better but she is in the best hands at the vets . i wish i could give you some advice but the only thing i could do with Lucy was time , i took her some toys up and her favorite food and little treats so it felt more like home so yes your blanket will , you say she isnt eating lucy wouldnt eat so i bought some cooked chicken and took it up for her as its her favorite and she started eating after that . even if you think of anything that she will like no matter how silly it seems i would take it to her , i hope she gets better please keep us updated
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to you and Jinxy!
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Jinxy died this evening.

RIP my sweet girl. I loved you very much.
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As I read through I also was getting that feeling of dread. I am so sorry that things turned out badly for your beloved Jinx. You tried to do all you could, and and that is all any of us can do. RIP little one.
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I`m so sorry

Rest in peace Jinx
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Oh this is so sad, i'm so very sorry

I'll close the thread and take Jinxy into the bridge

Suffer no more you sweet girl, and know your going to be missed badly

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You tried so hard to help your precious girl Dave.
I am so sorry that you lost her.

Rest in peace sweet Jinxy.
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I'm so sorry that things turned out this way for Jinx. Keeping you in my prayers.
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Sorry for yr. loss, my Moo Moo was hit by a car or abused by a mean person, we will never know, she was too far gone & had to be put to sleep. Playing at the bridge & caring for all the young kitties.

RIP Jinxy.
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Oh Dave im so so sorry
i know you are hurting so bad right now and no words will comfort you but at least you found her so she wasnt alone at the end and tried your very best for her and she will know you was there with her and loved her very much .

Rest in peace jinxy
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Thank you all for your kind words they are so much appreciated.

I am a grown man who thinks he is a bit of a hard nut emotionally, but I find myself choking and barely holding back the tears when Jinxy comes into my thoughts, which seems to be about every other minute at the moment.

It is a horrible time to be making practical decisions but I have been awake all night trying to decide what I wanted to do with Jinxy. I have decided to have her cremated and then I will put her ashes in a pot outside the door leading to the garden, which is where she used to like to sit. I will try to get a plant which flowers in February and that way, each year, it will be my way of remembering her when I see the flowers bloom.
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My deepest sympathy for your loss.

Rest in peace sweet girl.
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My gosh, I am so sorry you lost her. The poor thing May she rest in peace
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I am sorry to hear that! Hope all is well
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I'm so sorry for your loss
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I can come to terms with the fact that Jinx is no longer here. What I can not seem to forget is how much she must have suffered. I found her 26hrs after she went missing and the weather had been extremely cold. She had to be treated for hypothermia as her body temp was down to a critical level.

No matter what I do, my thoughts keep coming back to the thought that as well as being extremely cold she must have been in so much pain. The sound of her crying when I called her name is something I will never forget.

I am sorry to be such a misery but I feel so guilty and heart broken at the moment.
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Originally Posted by Dave_s View Post
I am sorry to be such a misery but I feel so guilty and heart broken at the moment.
Please, no apology needed...
your feelings of guilt and grief are to be expected under such tragic circumstances.
You did everything you could for your precious Jinxy.
She would tell you that if she could.

Only time will soften your grief but thankfully, you will always carry the love you shared with Jinxy in your heart.

Until you are together again....
play in the sun at the Bridge Jinxy.
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Oh Dave you will feel guilty its a normal reaction i feel guilty as Lucy was missing for about as long as Jinx and i keep thinking how she must have been suffering out there in the cold and in pain and me not being able to find her . you must be feeling worse as you lost your jinxy and im very very lucky that Lucy made it as the vet did want to have her put to sleep . i feel guilty about george who i lost 3 weeks ago he was in terrible pain and must have been for a few hours and i didnt know till i heard him crying and i keep thinking what if i had found him sooner .
you have lost someone you loved very much and you are in pain but it will get easier with time and you will remember all the good times with Jinx
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I am sooo sorry for your loss.... Take comfort that she is playing happily and pain free over the bridge
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Originally Posted by Dave_s View Post
I am sorry to be such a misery but I feel so guilty and heart broken at the moment.
Your not a misery Dave, you've lost a companion and it's only natural that your grieving Please don't feel guilty though, because you made sure Jinxy had the best care they could give. Imagine if you hadn't found her when you had. that would have made you worse, but although Jinxy was in hospital she was warm and painfree

Jinxy isn't suffering anymore because she's safe and sound at the bridge, and when the time is right she'll be the first one to meet you at the bridge
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I am very sorry for you loss.
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I am so very sorry for your loss

I know how it feels to carry around that kind of guilt, but please don't let it consume you. Jinxy knows how much she is loved and she wouldn't want you to feel that way.

She is at peace now
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