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losing fur, w/ pics

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I took my cat to the vet and they said it might be stress, but nothing has changed at home and I treat him like a king. I feed him "chicken soup for the cat lovers soul" and play with him often. He doesn't seem stressed or depressed. On his tummy it does seem like he licks the side of the bald spot and like biting it. I don't know if real bites, but like hes nibbling with licks. maybe nothing. what do you think? The spots are not red either. plus he has a spot on his leg and a bit on his hind legs I didn't get photo of

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I had a boyfriend who had a cat that lost hair due to stress. She got so nervous that she licked very often and got bald spots. She eventually calmed down... I don't know what caused it. Good luck!
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It's weird that he would just start doing that. That the areas aren't red or bumpy would seem to rule out allergies. Stress is the only other I know of that he would bite and lick at the areas. Are you sure there wasn't something that triggered it? Cats can be pretty sensitive to change.
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