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here it it! A Stayr Butterfly!
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whats that?
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I don't think it's a cat.... maybe a butterfly?
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Maybe its one of those aliens!
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oh of course!!!!!! why didnt i think of that???
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As I am WillieWZ, I feel I should know why Sherral is posting a picture of a butterfly for me, but, uh....

Well, it's a very nice butterfly...
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LOL!!!! I'm on a regular old analog line, and as the picture is "rolling" down the screen I'm straining to see Willie. Hmmm - couldn't figure out why I couldn't see Willie! At least it wasn't just me!

Sherral must have accidentally attached the wrong pic (unless WillieWZ sent the wrong one)!

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Hmmmm, I can't tell what that is !!!!!!!
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That's the thing, y'all! I didn't send her anything! I'm as confused as you are!
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Check WilleWz's post in Saturdays Dt. It is a Satyir Butterfly!
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here's a satyr Sherral

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I know that! But I liked the picture of the satyri Butterfly better.I used my cd, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia There is more than these two things that start with satyr!
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Well, thank you! It isn't everyday that I get sent butterflies!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
here's a satyr Sherral

It's not everyday that I see that image either!! I think the aliens have been lurking around here....

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