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FIP test negative, but...

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Okay, so Pirate's FIP test was negative. After being taken to the cat specialist here she said that first on her list was FIP and that she basically wasn't hopeful. Yet last week I was told his FIP test was negative (and I assume that means they tested for his antibody titres and that they were low, or whatever). I'm aware that sometimes in wet FIP the antibody count can be low because all the antibodies are tied to the fluid or something, but as far as it seems right now he would have "dry" FIP - and from what I'm reading, that requires a high antibody titre count.

I'm seriously worried, here. My vets are so focused on FIP (with good reason, I do admit), but I'm worried that - since the test was negative - they're too focused and might be missing what's wrong with him.

Granted, I or they can't see what else it could be, but... *sighs* I know so many cats are diagnosed with FIP when they don't have it, and I DON'T want Pirate to be in the same boat.

I'm waiting on a call back from my regular vet to get the specifics from her on his test results, but argh. I'm so confused and all over the place right now.

But anyway, the basic question is - can a cat have FIP (or at least dry FIP) with a negative test?!?!
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The only way to definitively diagnose FIP is via biopsy and histopathology of multiple organs, usually done during surgery or necropsy... all the other FIP tests aren't very good.
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