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baby's breath

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So my beautiful V-day roses came with baby's breath, which I just learned is poisonous to cats.

I threw it away, but I know that earlier Miko had been rubbing her nose in it. Not sure if she actually ate any. (though it doesn't look like it by looking at the baby's breath)

She seems fine now, so should I worry?

How much baby's breath would she have to eat to cause a problem?
And what symptoms would she have?

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I wouldn't worry too much. All cats seem to love Baby's Breath, or at least any cats I've ever had did.

You've thrown it out and I doubt she ate enough to do her any harm.

ETA: My Siamese years ago ate BB out of every bouquet I ever received. I was too stupid then to know it was potentially harmful and luckily she came to no harm from it.
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I con't have it in the house anyhow because it makes me sneeze like a bugger, but it's better safe than sorry
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I had a little Valentine's Day problem, too.

I got flowers and a balloon for my daughter. The balloon was tied to the flowers. Sometime while we were asleep last night, Marley chewed up the ribbon and swallowed some. I awoke to a nice pile of vomit that was full of chewed up pink ribbon.
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Yeah.... I thought I was safe after I threw out to baby's breath.
But then in the middle of the night Miko ate a whole bunch of the green leaves off the roses and vomited that up a few times. Ewww.
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I caught Albus munching on the baby's breath from a bouquet I had on the dining room table. I've had it since last night (so about 18 hours) and there isn't a noticible amount missing. I was at work today, so I don't know if he just discovered it when I got home or if he's been eating it longer.

I shooed him away both times I caught him, and made it inaccessible as soon as I found out it was poisonous.

So, should I just keep an eye on him and make sure he's not throwing up or having diarrhea?

I shouldn't be too worried- I have a dumb cane plant on the table that they love to munch that I have now moved.
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