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Ok, letting off some steam here

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It looks like I'll be moving, splitting up with Jeremy.

In order to keep his house, his parents are going to have to help him, which they said they'll do, if I leave.
Since I don't want him to loose his home, I agreed that this was his only option.
My parents are buying me a small trailer in Needles California and securing me a job.
They'll probably be here within a week or two and we'll rent a u-haul trailer and load it and my truck up with my belongings.

Shadow, Vash, Trouble, Ivory and Cassi will be staying with Jeremy, Spaz, Bear, Murphy and the tarantula are coming with me.

I will miss my other babies terribly, but I believe that all things happen for a reason, I have no regrets.

Do not know yet exactly when the move will take place, or how long I'll be without the internet when I do move.

There, I feel better now
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Wow, You've got a lot going on right now...hope everything goes well for you
I wish you the best of luck with the move & everything!
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I know you'll miss your babies, but you're right - things do happen for a reason. Good luck with everything!!
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Aw sweetie, I'm sorry to hear things have come to this but your'e right, things happen for a reason and you will of course still have Bear and Spaz and Murphy to love and love you Not too sure about the tarantula though, I'd be scared witless with one of those thingies in the house, but each to their own eh? I hope things start to get much better for you hun
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ugh, that's awful, Arlyn I'm guessing his parents are not big fans of yours? lots of vibes for this to be the best thing to ever happen
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Thanks guys

His parents are not fans of anyone that does not share their views, it's ok though, I won't have to ever worry about that nosey busybody critiquing my house cleaning abilities ever again

I like a clean house, but I also like it lived in enough that people are always comfortable when they come over.
I will never be a white glove housekeeper
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I hear ya there!!
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Many vibes heading your way sweetheart
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Sending vibes that everything goes smoothly.
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Good luck with your new start. You will soon find that you do not need him to be happy and fulfilled in your new life.
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Spaz will be happy, she doesn't mind other cats, but she's never really bonded to one since BC passed away, which tells me she'd rather be an only kitty.

And Murphy will get more time out of his cage as Spaz hasn't got the least bit of hunting instinct, unlike the other 5 all born to feral mothers.

She once carried a poor, frightened little mouse around for three days, treating it as though it was her baby.
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Arlyn, WOW that is a big change. Your positive attitude though is going to make it easier. It sounds like it really is the best thing, and you know it.

Make sure to let us know before you get on the road, so those famous TCS vibes can be sent for a safe move.
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What a hard thing to go through for anyone I'm sorry this is happening to you. I am sending you many "keep sane" and calming vibes
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That really sucks that you will have to leave some of your babies. Good luck with the move.
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Wow, I always hate to see when parents have to muddle up their offspring's relationships. That's just wrong IMO [unless extreme circumstances).

Many vibes for your move and your new digs
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Oh I am so sorry. Praying it all works out for you. I am sure you will miss your other babies.
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