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More vocal

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I noticed lately that Popsie has gotten a lot more vocal than he used to be. He makes these little squeaky noises like he's starting to meow but doesn't. It's really cute.
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my little boy salem doesn't really "meow"..he makes some noises....and sometimes its quite a lot...especially if he can't find Sabrina or me...
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The mews that come from Arwen get louder if she is distressed, or can't get into my bedroom.

On the rare occasion, she will come downstairs, wander around my feet and mew at me for no reason. She disappears after that
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Cute. Jazz is my most vocal. He does the "Brrrr" sound A LOT. When you look at him he "brrrs", when you walk into a room he "brrs", when one of the other cats walks by he brrrs...well you get the idea.
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Pepper talks ALL the time. It's so funny. She grunts, mews, squeaks, etc. It's so cute!
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Lol, i have vocal cats, too:-)
Laura is a real chatterbox, she can't keep her little mouth shut! sometimes I think she's answering me...like when I'm in the house and ask her if she wants to go "out?", she squeaks and to me it's like a "Yes, please!"
At the moment also Maxi is extremely vocal, mostly cause she is in heat!
Her loud purring and meowing have turned into some kind of roaring, wailing...can't describe it with words...soooo funny; especially when she's all nuts tossing and turning on the floor with dust from all over the flat on her Love these little ladys...
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