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Has my cat had a stroke?

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This morning our oldest cat was having trouble jumping and walking straight. She is not usually clumsy like this. Looking into her eyes we noticed that they kept drifting to the left. It's like she can not control them.
She didn't have trouble eating. And there is nothing that she could have gotten into overnight that would poison her.
Did she have a stroke?

We have take her to the vet, but he will not be able to look at her until 10:30 EST.
I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experience and what the outcome was. I would like to have some reassuring words for my wife.

Thanx in advance.
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My 18 year old kitty had several seizures a year or so before passing away of something unrelated, it sounds like what he did. He was not himself for a couple of days, then he was ok. He had sustained a head injury several years before that, but we could not tell if it was related to that.
I hope your kitty is ok, please keep us posted. Sending out vibes and prayers that she is.
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thanx for the vibes....

the vet called and is going to take some x-rays....they would like to see if there's anything that will show that's giving her pain...guess the doc doesn't know too much at this point..

hoping to hear more soon.
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Prayers for your Cat.
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Thanx for the prayers

The vet has taken the x-rays and has taken blood.....
still waiting for an update on diagnosis.

The nurse says Jasper is hanging out, doing just fine....
I'd kinda like to know if her eyes are still drifting to the left though....

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x-rays are back...blood work not back yet

apparently there is a pellet in the chest area, so it looks like she has been shot with a pellet gun...but no idea when this happened. we have had her for 10-11 years, but my wife rescued her and she was probably 5 years old already.
we don't remember a time when she had a wound around her chest area. there have been bites in the past (one in her behind about 3 years ago and one on top of her head 6 months ago) but not in her chest area.
The pellet could have been there a short time or a long time...who knows....

still waiting on the blood work... could she be getting lead poisoning from the pellet? seems unlikely...people walk around with bullets still in them without getting lead poisoning don't they?
not sure if the vet is going to want to take out the pellet or not...guess it depends on where it is exactly and if there is a lot of scar tissue around it or not.... at her age i bet an operation is more dangerous then if she had it when she was younger.....

anyway...still looking for reassurance that she'll be ok......
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My goodness! That is strange! I hope she will be just fine!
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Oh, I hope kitty is OK. Maybe just a temporary illness? Good luck!
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My Spot had a BB in his shoulder area when I found him. It never caused any problems, so we just left it alone.
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I don't know about a stroke but it definitely sounds like there was some sort of mental disturbance.

no advice, just vibes

keep us posted
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Prayers for Jasper and your family.
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My cat Alex had a stroke about 4 or 5 years ago, he was walking in circles to the left and lifting his right legs really high when he walked. They put him on medication, a steroid I think and over time he recovered. He is doing fine now. He is about 16 years old now. It was so long ago I cant think of what medication they put him on. The vet told me either it was a stroke or brain tumor and that if it was a tumor it would only get worse and if it was a stroke he may recover and he did.
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wow, I had forgotten that this even happened. So much changed in our lives after this that I completely forgot about the episode. She has never had another issue like this since and is still alive and kicking... almost 2.5 years later. The vet never did find anything wrong with her. we suspect is was a mild stroke. the pellet is still in her chest.
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Yay I'm so glad your cat is alright, that sounded scary.
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My cat Barney Fife is just recovering from Feline Vestibular Syndrome....Dizzy Kitty Syndrome for short.

It comes on suddenly and has to do with the fluid in the ear canals. His eyes were dilated, going back and forth. He could not stand and his head was arched toward his side. We scooped him up, and raced to the vet. I thought he was dying.

They really didn't do anything for it. It has to pass on its own. It has been 11 days and it's finally gone except for a slight tilting of his head. He could not walk without falling on his side.

It can last up to 2 weeks or just a short period. I wonder if your kitty had that?

Glad to hear he is fine now.
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