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Getting more confused

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With Ox's 19th birthday approaching next month I have noticed the last couple of weeks that he seems a bit confused at times.

He's always concerned about food when he can see a bit of the bottom of "his" dish even though there are four others.
But I've been checking the dishes when he stands by the bathroom door and they are fuller than is usual fussy state. I just shake the dish a bit to even out the amount of food.

A couple times this week he stands by the family room door wanting to go outside (poor litter box user) which I don't know if he doesn't remember its winter and cold?? He is well used to going outside with this door. So I carry him upstairs and let him in the garage to use the litter box but sometimes he just sits on the bench and doesn't use the box.
Some BM messes in the kitchen in the morning too.

I'm sure this is aging the majority of the time he is just fine.

The reason I'm concerned is we are going to visit my sis in March for one week and I wasn't planning on having someone come over every day.
Can't board him due to bathroom problems.

Any thoughts/advise???
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I might look for a really good place to take him for that week (like a vet's where there is someone in all wknd to take care of things, not just once a day for feeding), but that could really disorient him, and he sounds like he's already having problems in that direction. I might not even go if I could help it, or only go for an overnight.
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My sis bought expensive concert tickets!! If worse can to worse I could take him as we are planning on driving but its a 17 hr drive/overnight stop.
I'll see how he does in a couple of weeks.
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Is there anyone who could stop by the house everyday? Someone who could stay at the house all week?

I'd worry about leaving him alone...

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A 17 hr drive would be disastrous - don't do it. I do understand about concert tickets, but you need to make a decision I think. Your cat is really 'at that age', and his current problems prove it. Whether or not he will manage to get through a whole week with just a short daily visit or so from a relative stranger is definitely an issue here, so I think you really need to think hard about what's important now.
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I had 2-3 people that could come everyday, my next door neighbor, the lady down the road and a friend who has filled in in the past. My long time cat watcher has moved away (rats)!!
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