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Question of the Day - February 15th

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What is the oldest thing in your fridge?

I think I have some pretty old condiments in there, probably mustard is the oldest
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Probably some salad dressing or other condiments. I do go through and throw stuff away fairly often, but my bf likes to keep stuff forever!
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That's a good one

I have a bottle of thousand island dressing that I have had for at least a year and a half. I know because I hate the stuff and I bought it the last time my sister was visiting from British Columbia..It is her favorite..

Guess I better get rid of it in case it mutates and attacks
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I don't even want to look. I am afraid something might have grown legs and jump out at me.
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Oh my!... that´s really a good one!....
maybe a Jam!.......from chritsmas....
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Condiments for sure but I think I have some ketoprofun from when Bakker was neutered.
Don't know why I keep in fridge though??
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I think the "old" cheese is probably the oldest. Although I do keep my spices in the fridge too so I'm not sure how fresh the parsley is.... hummmm.... (may be time to clean the fridge!)
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I don't have any idea, but I know that there's some REALLY old stuff in there. It doesn't bother anyone else here to eat food that's past the expiration date. It bothers me though, that's why I never really look in the fridge anymore!
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Ketchup. It takes me forever to get through a bottle.
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Half a bottle of Lee and Perrins Tomato and Worcester sauce that I decided I don`t like
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It has to be some sort of relish that's in mine?.
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We cleaned ours out about a month ago, so everything I have is fresh!
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hmm probably the bottle of A1...
I should check it..lol its been in there for a long time!
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Probably a bottle of tea I can't get my husband to throw out... He kept saying he was going to drink it and never did. I guess I could throw it out but I forgot about it until this question was asked!
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Homemade kahlua, homemade blueberry liqueur and homemade black currant liqueur.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
What is the oldest thing in your fridge?

I think I have some pretty old condiments in there, probably mustard is the oldest
Whatever it is, I am sure it is growing some mold by now.
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I'm afraid to look!
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Nothing is old in my fridge. I just got it for Christmas so its all new stuff. In the kitchen fridge (which is not mine, but we ocassionally use it) there is probably a bunch of old condiments and recently I saw a container with cranberry sauce in it from Christmas...which I bet is still there.
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It was a bottle of Welch's Grape Juice, dressed up like it was champagne!
Oh excuse me 'Sparkling Welch's ". A good friend, and client of mine
gave it to me on New Years Eve about 3 yrs. ago!! I never opened it!
I did throw it away finally....... 2 days ago!!!!!!!! It has been hauting me
everytime I'd open the refrigerator! Actually I'm glad that monkey's off my
back!! Why did it take me that long to get rid of it??????
I have been know and subject too throw a whole pan away before.
"old green macoroni & cheese" day after day turned into wk after wk
(this was in my first apartment) I knew I wasn't opening, cleaning out that
pan, Marvin threw a fit, and took it outside and cleaned it!!
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I have some "premium" fish sauce that I bought for a recipe I made once. I keep thinking that one day I will find another recipe that calls for it.
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Some individual Jello containers, that I bought a year and a half ago, for the liquid diet I had to be on before my colonoscopy. I also have a plastic bag full of condiment packages (Arby Sauce, Taco Bell sauce, horseradish sauce, ect., that all must be petrified by now...)
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me..... I'm always in it for something to eat!!
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Well, as I cleaned it out before coming to the computer, it's all pretty fresh now. But since the question was asked before I did that, I fess up to a part tub of raspberry coulis from last summer when the berries were fresh. It had made its way to the back corner of the bottom shelf and hidden there, and produced quite an impressive science project -- so furry, I almost had to pet it.
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We bought a new fridge so we cleared out all the "what the heck is that?!" food items from our old fridge
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would have to be the condiments nothing else gets eaten that slow!!!!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
We cleaned ours out about a month ago, so everything I have is fresh!
I dread to think what the oldest thing is, probably some pickles at the back somewhere...
We always put leftovers in the fridge rather than throwing them out even though we know we wont eat them, I dont feel so guilty throwing food away when it's actually gone off My husband had an unopened pack of pate in the fridge last week, he took it out to eat, realised it was past the sell-by date, decided not to eat it.... and then put it back in the fridge to go off for a bit longer before he could throw it away!

As a sub-note to this I have to say that I firmly believe yoghurt goes off at midnight of the 'use-by' date
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A jar of Béarnaise sauce from France - which this thread just prompted me to throw out.
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Ketchup and salad dressings.
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Well I just went through the firdge to be honest. I found some things from before we moved.....As in, over a year ago
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a jar of beetroot
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