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Who gave their cat something for Valentine's?

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I went out with DW and had a big feast. When it came to desert we both ordered more desert than we could finish (but I got through mine.) So I wrapped up a rather large piece of DW's desert in some napkins, that being peanut butter cream pie and fed it to Persi when we got home. I know I said he needed to go on a diet, but after all, it was Valentine's. But I told him for sure that he had to go on a diet tomorrow!

What did other people's cats get for Valentines?
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Sir Poopalot doesn't get gifts for Valentines, but i did make him some special food - rice/veges/chicken/bacon all well cooked and mushy. He LOVES it!
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I gave the kids a teaspoon of ice cream each
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Sibohan got a little heart cut out of ham sandwich meat, it's her favorite

My dog Kyra got a heart cut out of cheese
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I got my cats a couple of small tins of PIT'R PAT, "candy" for cats.
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I molded their wet food into a heart. None was impressed.
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We gave them extra treats... and Wickett claimed the card DH got me as his own by laying on top of it. If he could have laid on the gift bag as well I'm sure he would have.
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Mine got a can of FF Medley Chicken Florentine each. And my aunt sent us a care package that had Valentine's bowls. So I put their water in a Valentine themed bowl. They cared more about the FF. I gave them treats too, but they get treats more regularly than they used to (I started that when Raven was sick).
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Wow my cats would puke everywhere if I gave them peanut butter cream pie - that is way too much sugar for them

Mine got extra treats
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The balloon and monkey..... see the thread about that!
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I very rarely give my cats treats. It's not that I don't love them, it's just that I don't want them to get used to them. This way, they jump all over the place when I give them those healthy treats that I buy at the vet office. I know they would get bored really fast of these if I gave them treats more often, because they really don't seem to taste that good...and they're not even soft! But it's good for them and during special occasions (like yesterday, for Valentine's day!), when I shake the bag of these treats, they get all excited and they're pretty happy with it! I know, it's not a big gift, but it's what they like!

Of course, they also had to put up with my over-affectionnate personality of the day and they had to suffer many-many unwanted kisses and hugs! But hey, somewhere deep inside, they love it (after all, everytime I don't pay attention to them, they are the one coming to me and asking for these hugs and kisses!)!

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Today is Butzie's designated birthday (got her from a shelter so we don't know the exact date) because it is the day of the festival in Germany where a young lady will give a guy a "Butzie" kiss if she likes him.
I am going to give her some meat baby food because that is a big treat for her.
She is about 3.
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It was Slivers 7th birthday on Valentines day so we gave her the toys she loves
She loves those foam balls with the feathers, thats what she got
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I bought my babies a "cat dancer" and tied it to their kitty tree so they can play with it whenever they feel like.
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Lilly and Forrest got a catnip bannana. They love it!
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I gave Trina the present of no more uncomfortable heats!
That's right. I got her spayed yesterday. ^_^;
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My guys each got a piece of roast beef which is their most favorite thing in the world...
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Mine got Valentine's catnip toys and a slice of turkey each.
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Originally Posted by Fiery View Post
I gave Trina the present of no more uncomfortable heats!
That's right. I got her spayed yesterday. ^_^;
One of the best gifts you could have given!
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i gave my girl's even more love than they have already! & i thought that was impossible, because i loveee them sooo much!
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