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Declawing or Soft Claws ?

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I new here. IS Declawing good or bad for our kittens? We have two kittens our babies. There are very loved and very spoiled .We have had them se en there were born we forster there mom.We had the male one Casper the vet tec. said we couse thank about have him declaw she said he was the right age to have it done. But I'm not sure. We trim there claws once a week whe ther get there baths. I do not know to mosh about declawing just what the vet tec.said. I find something called Soft Claws on petsmart's wedsite. Anyone evey used them do they work? Anyone one know why Casper put his but in my face all the time?
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Please don't declaw your babies! Below is a thread that will tell you alot about declawing


I have tried Soft Paws and they're terrific! My cats didn't even notice them on their claws! Soft Paws are easy to put on and last a long time.

Your cat sticks his bum in your face to say "Your Mine!" Be proud that he does this to you!
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Yes please don't declaw your kitty. It's a very cruel thing to do. There are a lot of sites in regards how to clip your cat's claw. Just search under clipping cat's claw. I've heard great things about soft claws. But please don't declaw your kitty.
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Hi kash. I see you're new to the site - welcome!

It's great that you decided to do some research about the declawing issue before just deciding to do it at your vet tech's suggestion. The majority of us believe here that declawing is not only unnecessary, but very cruel as well. That link that Crazy-Cat-Lover gave you is a good thread to read through, and I believe it has a link in it to a thorough explanation and pictures of an actual declaw. (It's actually amputating the first knuckle of your kitty, not just removing the claw.)

Since you started clipping your kittens' claws at an early age, they will probably give you no problem with it as they get older. And you can teach your kittens what is and what is not appropriate for them to scratch - you do not need to declaw them to save your furniture or anything like that.

I think it's really great you're looking at alternatives to declawing. I hope you decide against it. (Please take a look at the links - they have great information in them.)

Oh, one other thing. I'm not sure if it's necessary to bathe your kittens each week. I'm not absolutely sure, but it might not be best for their coats to be washed that often, but I could be wrong. (I haven't bathed my cat ever.) I'm sure someone here knows though, and they can let you know.

Again, welcome aboard.
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I agree - declawing is unnecessary and cruel. Even the "soft claws" may be superfluous if the cats have enough things to sharpen their claws on: scratching posts, mats, boards and/or a cat tree. Bathing the cats every week doesn't sound like a good idea. Most cats only have to be bathed if they get into toxic substances like paint, oil, etc.. Cats are generally very clean creatures that groom themselves thoroughly. Once a week is even far too often for a dog. Our cat (almost 4) has only been bathed once - after he got into a bag of barbecue charcoal - and I've never had to clip his nails.
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I have 6 cats - I trim their nails and provide them with a variety of scratching posts. They all seem to favor the cardboard type scratching posts over the other types I have. I never have a problem with them scratching things I dont want them to scratch. Cats are very trainable.

Here is some more info. on declawing:
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Thanks you the replies. We are NOT GET THEM DECLAWED NOW. I read the link in the a thread that Crazy-Cat-Lover said to read and I see the vet Tec lady was not tell me the trued about declawing she said they just take out the nails. We were bathing the kittys because of a flea problem were having we when moved in our new house. There were to young for Spot On Flea Control. We just starting use Bio- Spot this week. So for it working good. Any one used it before?
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I am glad you decided to not declaw As for the Bio-spot, I am not a real fan of anything you can pick up at the local store. I have heard too many horror stories and lived one of my own with these flea products. If none of the cats seem to show any reaction, and it works, then I can't say it's a horrible product. If you can, talk to the vet or go online and try either Frontline or Advantage.
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I tried Advantage and few others on my Chihuahua and there made her hair full out. She has skin problems and the old vet said bio spot worked good and we tried it on her and it worked great. So we are hopeing it we work on my babies.
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Yay!! I'm thrilled you decided not to declaw your kitty!
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My babies
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Awww! What adorable babies! :tounge2:
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Oh they are really cute! So glad you decided not to declaw, good on you! :o)

I haven't tried softpaws yet, I'm sure some day I might as I hear good things about it, but for now I just trim my cats claws every week and that works well.

Sept for the time when I forget to trim them for a little while. =O
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What beautiful babies! I am very happy that you decided not to declaw! Good for you!
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You've made the right decision. Casper & Sasha are beautiful - I like the black & white combination. I hope you've gotten rid of the fleas.
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Awww Beautiful cats! Your black kitty remind me of my Trouble . Then again all black kitties remind me of her .

It is great you decided not to declaw. I remember not that long ago I thought I had to have my cats declawed, thank goodness for a good friend for turning me around. Now, I have very happy, non-damaging clawed (but clipped regularly) kitties.
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awww what cute kitties!!
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We've had cats of varying numbers my entire life. We've never needed to declaw, nor even to trim nails. We never bathed them except for the occasional skunk situation or the time one was allergic to flea powder. Most cats will do that sort of thing for themselves.
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my inlaws had there cats declawed before i knew better. I would never ever do that to a kitty. poor little guys. there feet looks so funny compared to moe and neos.
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I think we got gotten rid of the fleas. We had to spray the carpets again. Here are some new photos I took this week of my babies let me know what you guy think.
Capser and Sasha take a nap

Sasha take a nap

Capser in his new Collar buy the way his eyes away look like that my hubby thinks he is albino he is completely snow white, but he has blue eyes(the iris) and his pupils are pink. Underneath his fur his skin is bright pink
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OH MY GOSH. I love that pic of Sasha sleeping. That is great. I have a weakness for black kitties (I own one). That is just a great picture. It makes me want to grab her and give a little squeeze...ok, a big squeeze.
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