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He-she cat?

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Ok, i'm not sure where I was to put this thread, but I desided here because Grace was original a stray kitten when I found her. Well, it's been sense october sense that day. She was about four weeks old then because I was bottle feeding her. Well, more recently I found her den mom/sister/maybe grandma or cousin. THere is some super inbreeding over here... Anyways, after have a good diet for a few months, sometime right before christmas her testicals fall. I have searched for a pinus, my parents (7-12 cats depending on day) has looked, and a few others. There is no pinus. I found her siblings and they are the same way. Some of them only have one ball instead of two. My question is, is grace able to have kittens when she gets older? She is of age now, but she hasn't gone into heat, and if she has, there is no way to tell.

Don't let this deture anyone form saving a stray from the cold because grace has been one of the best cats I have ever head. Her and missy are the bomb and hours of fun play time. Laser pointer + two hyper cats = hours of entertainment, until one grace falls on her side and waits for the laser to come to her because she figures out it's you that has control of the dot. ^_^

Thank you everyone.
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Um you aren't going to see the penis, it is inside. You will see the testicles and it will just look like there is one. If there are testicles its a he not a she. I think I am confused about your question...
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Well, I use to have a hermaphradite. A cat of both genders. He had the outsides of a female, until 6 months when his testicles dropped, took him in to be nuetered, the vet had to do an ultra sound to make sure that there wasn't female organs inside as well. Some cats after they are inbred along way just have it happen! But normally the body picks one sex or the other!! Tissy, was a girl! She always acted like a girl and until them babies came down that day, thats what we always though. Now I know it can go both ways! It could very well be a hermi! My vet tells me its quite common in inbred cats! (mine are way inbred, talk to my mom about that... she did get them all fixed finally though) Tissy however did end up getting a UTI that killed her.
I actually have pics somewhere, no clue where, but pics of people looking and my male/female cat!! I had her desexed, always called her a grrl, so, to me she was a girl!

BTW~ You do sometimes see a cats penis! Just the other day I saw one of my cats licking their penis!!! So it does happen!
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The vet should be able to tell you after a careful exam, though vets get it wrong occasionally too. But as said, it is not normal to see a cat's penis - just a black mark where it is hidden. They do sometimes wash it but I have had cats whose penises I have never seen.
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If you message gentlely below the hiding place of the pinus which is towards the chest of the cat, then the pinus will come out. Whenever my mom takes in a stray she will do this to make sure its a guy. It's cheaper to nuder than to spay and this is why she checks. I know this is a very sick way to check, but the stimulation it gives the animal works.

So, I'm looking at paying for an ultra sound.... hum... I hope that the vet can figure it out without one because i'm a little poor.

Yeah Grace is a she for the most part, but some days she changes into a he. When she does he tends to mark his terotories and tryes to eat missy's ears when missy lays in my lap. But normaly grace is a she. Either way, I think she picked out her own name.

Thanks for the insight.
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If its a LOT of inbreeding going on, you could have some cats that are both sexes. Normal cats (males) have testicles. Female cats do not.
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Get he/she checked by a vet, but it sounds like a male who recently developed larger testicles (dropping) due to him maturing.

Sometimes you will see a male cats penis when they clean themselves. (makes me wonder how they get it to "come out"? )

The first time I saw it it scared me cause I thought my cat was bleeding, but turns out it was his private.

I dont know if all males look alike, but it looked like an upside down, pink icicle.
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post
Get he/she checked by a vet, but it sounds like a male who recently developed larger testicles (dropping) due to him maturing.

Sometimes you will see a male cats penis when they clean themselves. (makes me wonder how they get it to "come out"? )

The first time I saw it it scared me cause I thought my cat was bleeding, but turns out it was his private.

I dont know if all males look alike, but it looked like an upside down, pink icicle.

I saw a Kitty Penis the other day! After Jax got neutered! Ive seen a couple others but I thought it was strange to see Jax! Ive never seen BooBoos and he's 7!

I think with serious inbreeding sometimes the hermi's just happen... If you could only see how screwed up poor booboo's family tree is!! Its just bizarre!
The worst part of the inbreeding is almost all of my moms cat colony got kidney failure and died! I dunno how BooBoo's stayed away from it!! *knocks on fake wood*

So hopefully they'll be able to do a check for ya, and things will be okay!
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I knew of 2 female cats that came from a long line of inbreeding.

They both were adopted and raised in a great home since kittens.

There mother ran out of milk early so they were taken away from her too early and fed mashed up cat food, which they barely ate. (this was before they were adopted)

Both were runts.

One almost died a week after being adopted from a dangerously high fever and pneumonia, the other had some of it's tail amputated from another illness.

Luckily there new owner who adopted them as kittens always took them to the vet if they were ill, so they are very happy and healthy cats now!

Here is a pic of them.


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The easiest way to resolve the issue is to have the cat neutered. This should help with the spraying behavior, as well as render the cat non-reproductive. If the cat subsequently goes into heat, you know that there are female reproductive organs and can get the cat spayed then. (I'm betting that it won't, it sounds like you have a male who dropped later than usual.)

The other cats you have that only have one testicle might decide to drop the other at a later date, or they may be true monorchids. This just means that the neutering surgery is a little more complicated, since the vet will have to go in and find the reluctant testicle.

Sometimes neither of the testicles will drop. This animal is called a cryptorchid. It is still a male, not a hermaphrodite. It can (and should) be neutered.

To sex a cat or kitten, look at the animal from behind with the tail raised. A male will have a dot right under the tail (the anus) followed by another dot (the prepuce, which conceals the penis). The second dot will be slightly separated from the first. The testicles may or may not be apparent, and are located between the two dots.
A female will have a dot under the tail (again, the anus). Immediately below that she will have a small vertical slash (the vulva). There is practically no anal/genital separation with a female, and there is always some anal/genital separation with a male.
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They'll do a pre-neutering exam, anyhow; so if your cat's of the other gender or both genders, he'll see it. You will want to tell the vet about your doubts, and how you think the cat might be genetically unhealthy--that way he knows to check more carefully.

Definitely important to spay/neuter an inbred cat. Its kittens would end up with all sorts of genetic problems, and would probably not survive.
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Good news. I found an organization that will help me with the spay/nudering! So, I will tell them of my concerns. I'm just hoping that missy will come out of heat before then because I don't want her to bleed all over the place after the fact. I wonder if the drugs effect inbreds differently than normal cats... anyways, thanks for the info and encouragement because I thought Grace was just wierd. Nope there are plently of other animals out there like her/him.

I think this smily is cool:
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Female cats do not bleed when they are in season like a dog would. They are induced ovalators - they don't have a "period".
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I assume the barbs on the males "part" induce it right? I tell you though it's got to be painful for the female...
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