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The Balloon

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Today is Valentine's Day and they had Friendship Grams at work... (A helium Balloon and a cute little stuffed monkey).. Well, I got one from Carol (CatLady2Cat). I know my Dusty and Rusty love balloons. Well, I made the mistake of leaving the little stuffed monkey on the balloon. They played and played with the balloon and monkey. It lasted about 45 minutes! They tried to drag the monkey between the legs of the chair and their little cat condo. You can imagine what happened to the balloon! Needless to say, the balloon quickly deflated because they completely tore it open! But they did have fun while it lasted!

Thanks again Carol.... The girls loved it!
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Years ago I had some helium filled balloons, my cats never acted like your's... they were afraid of it and so was the dog. The air currents would make it slowly drift around the room and bob a little. I'm certain they all thought it was possessed.

Regular balloons were viewed with some caution and eventually swatted. I would like to see what my current two would do with a regular air filled balloon.
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So glad you and the kitties enjoyed the gift!!!!
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LOL I went to the dollar store today and got 2 more balloons. So far.. so good... They are still inflated..... but then again.... these do not have a furry cat toy tied to the end... LOL
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