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Forgot about this little gem.

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The day he decided I was his mommy. I was so shocked and happened to have the camera in my hand, so voila. Picture moment!

Ten minutes before I had come home, called him, petted him, watched him run to hide in his favorite corner... then, suddenly, after 3 days of hiding, he decided that I was his mommy.

And let me know most insistently.

Aw, my baby.
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Isn't it precious when they first let you know that they trust you? And it only gets better from there.
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And even more precious when they climb your leg, wanting to be held!!
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This guy always wants to be held. He'll probably lose use of his legs one day from his insistence on being cuddled.
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OMG!! Sooo darn cute!! What a great shot to get!
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So adorable!!!
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What a little cutie! And so sweet of you to let him use your leg as a tree to climb!
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Wonderful, wonderful shot. Somewhere in a box, I have very old pics of my RB lady Shasta -- one of them is a duplicate of that, and I am taken back to her kittenhood. Thanks for sharing.
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