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What type of couch

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I am replacing my new couch (unfortunately the one I bought 8 months ago it too big). Does anyone had a recommendation on the type of fabric which hold up to my sweet babies claws? They are keeping their claws but I would still like to have furniture that is not embarrassing.


P.S. They already have many scratching posts so I am looking something to old up better or be disinteresting.
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Fabric with a very tight weave usually holds up to cats and general use longer. Just feel it while you're shopping, maybe lightly run your nails across it and to check if it catches easily.

What type of posts do they have? Maybe, so far, your couch seems to be the better alternative to them? - taller, better texture, prime placement, and it aggravates you when they scratch it (extra entertainment for them).
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Yup - tight weave. We have microfiber - and after three years, there's hardly a mark - and Tuxie claws on it (only when we're sitting in it ). We TRY to keep his claws clipped....

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Definitely microfibre!
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I cannot stress it enough:

I catch Harley trying to claw or scratch at it once in awhile & when I go look where he's scratched - not a mark, hole, or tear!

I will never own any type of couch again!
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I have read about microfiber too. Also the fabric that is used for outdoor furniture is supposed to work well.
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Microfiber is good, leather, not so much. Hopefully my roommate doesn't notice Hennessy's.... love marks on the back of her sofa... *sigh*
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Originally Posted by DarciFinn View Post
Does anyone had a recommendation on the type of fabric which hold up to my sweet babies claws?
It will also help if you clip their claws every 1-2 weeks Mine don't claw the couch but they do race across and having their claws clipped has prevented any damage.
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After many many couches, and bets with my husband on how long a couch will last in our house, there really is a couch that stands up to the claws!!!! This is great information for my next purchase
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Our leather and oak furniture has held up very well despite a couple of cats with claws - they just don't seem to like the feel of it.
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Microfiber! We've had our couch for a couple years now. It's holding up great. We have throw blankets on it in case of a hairball. It is holding up well. Stimpy's new hobby is jumping from the stairs to the arm of the couch. No marks yet. They hubby had me put a small blanket on the arm though. My hubby is always worried the cats will do something to it, but they haven't yet. He's the main reason for the throw blankets on it.
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I agree: Microfiber all the way!!!
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I have Ikea armchairs which are VERY comfy, and I know they also make love seats so I assume also couches. The frames are wood, so the cats have their way with just the cushions and I replace those once-twice a year. At least with the chairs, the frame is the more costly part and the cushions are relatively inexpensive.
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