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new furbabies!

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Well today Roman and i have became new furparents again! I will post pictures as soon as i get back from my sisters tonight, well of one of the furbabies. The other I will pick up from the vet on sunday evening after his checkup. He is a 1 and a half year old siamese. The lady that is adopting him out wanted to have him declawed so i spent 20 minutes begging her over the phone not to do this, so we settled on the checkup and no declaw! Now i am gonna be PO'd if i go to get him and she had him declawed after promising not to. Anyway the other furbaby is a rescue from a certain PTS. The mom was dropped at the vets on christmas eve, anonoumously, very badly beaten and had lost one of her eyes, and she gave birth on christmas morning to a litter of puppies. After a week the vet decided that they would all be pts if not claimed by the end of the week, luckely a lady we know decided to foster the mom and babies. Now its time for them to find their forever homes and we agreed to adopt one and one was adopted yesterday, that leaves 7 babies looking for forever homes. The foster mom is going to keep the mother and have her eye surgery done as soon as all of the pups are adopted.
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Congrats on the newest additions.
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Congratulations on the new family members!
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Congrats on your new additions!!

Cant wait to see them!!!
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Congrats on your new additions!! Anxiously awaiting pics!!
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Introducing Rose Amore Shadowen!

OMG it was sooooooo hard choosing between her and her brothers and sisters, they were all soooooo cute and loveable. I sat down in the floor with all of the puppies and asked "who wants to come home with me" they all ran and jumped on my lap! I sat and played with them for a while and finally they all wondered away except Rose. She stayed and kissed me and chewed on my pantleg. I stayed and visited with the foster mom for about an hour, she showed me around, showing me her horses and dogs. She breeds collies and has some beautiful ones. I fell in love with one of her males who was a blue merle and quite the talker!

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How adorable congratulations.
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Congrats on your new babies! The puppy is adorable!
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Ohh how cute - what kind of dog is she? Or mix?
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more pics please! I hope we get to see her as she grows What a sweet little bundle. I can smell the puppy breath from here
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oh they are adorable!!!

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well her mom is a blue healer, the dad is a mystery. but the vet said they look to be part border collie because they all had the white tip on the tail? all i know is she is very sweet and howls. i will keep updated picts as she grows.
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Oh, she is just precious!! More pics!!
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How cute!!!! I'm so glad you rescued the little puppy!!!!

I can't wait to see pictures of your new kitty!!!!
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