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Blood in eye?

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Okay, so what I THOUGHT was uveitis spreading into Pirate's other eye now looks like, oh, I don't know, blood? It's been hard to tell since he won't let me inspect his eye (his general response is, "If you wanna look I'm gonna squint. Then sleep! And you shall never see it clearly, hahahaha!") and it's on the very bottom of it.

But hey, after eating today he was semi-active... at least long enough to stare at the toy mouse I dangled above his head. And being a good mama I decided to take a picture of it and see if I'm just paranoid after all.

Anyone know what this might be?

His uveitis seems to be getting better, but that blood-looking thing worries me. And of course he still has a fever... darn it all to hairballs.
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Maybe you should consult a specialist? If it's just broken blood vessels from swelling, it could be harmless... For people who have vomited very hard - they can sometimes break blood vessels in their eyes.

It's my understanding that uveitis (at least in humans) tends to be a more autoimmune response. It is inflammation in the uvea (area between the sclera and retina) and does not usually clear up unless steroids are used to treat it. (humans get icky pred forte drops) It also can't "spread" it's not contagious in any way. Again, maybe a specialist is in order if you haven't taken him to one yet.

Also - he has such cute big kitten ears. I hope you can get him to feeling better soon.

Edit... Quick question, how did the vet diagnose the uveitis? One can't simply just look and say "yeah, that's it". The pupil needs to be dilated and a close examination is needed to look for inflammation.
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Well, I'm not even sure if we have specialists in our area. (As in, locally. I know we probably do at least 45 minutes away in the bigger city, though!)

I do have an appointment with a cat-vet (as opposed to vet-vets, I guess) and I'm definitely going to be bringing it up then, and hopefully she can point me in the right direction... and quickly.

I'm crying as I think of the money it will cost, though. (Not that I wouldn't do it, of course, but he's already cost so much. *sighs* $450+ at this point I think.)

Anyhow, I know she looked at his eye and she (and another vet at the same clinic) took him to the back to look at it closer, but I have no idea what they actually DID to check it out. They didn't look at the bloody-looking eye as that occurred on Tuesday and he was last seen on Monday; had I realized what it was then, he would have been seen by now though. Argh.

I have googled since, though, and his other eye certainly LOOKS like uveitis according to other pictures. @_@

I did ask them about eye drops, but they said that if it was caused by the same thing causing his fever, the antibiotics should treat it... are they wrong?
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A lot of cloudy or eye redness can look similar. Do they even know what was causing his fever? Your other thread suggested they didn't. A cat only vet sounds like it might be better, good luck with that.

If you use any search engines yellow pages you should be able to check your area for vet clinics. Even a conventional phone book yellow pages - since those often times have ads with more information. And if you don't need it, you always have the information just in case.
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Nope. They are considering his illness ideopathic, because they have no idea what may cause it. All his bloodwork came back negative with just an elevated white blood count, which I guess points to an infection of some sort if I remember that conversation clearly.

I am really hoping the cat-vet can shed light on this issue. I am going to laugh and cry if they are like "Here you go, use this med" and everything goes away over the weekend. The odds of that are slim, of course, but... well. Here's to hoping.

I think we just got a yellow pages on our porch and I'll look through it for sure. Ugh. I wish I was able to wave a magic wand and make all the bad go away.
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Make sure to take copies of all his blood work and any other tests done - maybe the other vet will want to retest or maybe they'll go by those levels.
If you have any pictures of his eyes when they were worse, maybe print off and take that to them too.

..Have to love those "I don't know" diagnoses.
If you ever find that magic wand let me know.

For the vet next visit, hopefully they can get him to feeling better and find an answer.
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Poor baby!! I wonder...could he have run into somethig or wrestled around with the other cat and been hit in the eye? As red as it kinda looks like my eye did once, after my tweezers slipped and I grazed my eyeball with them, while plucking my brows.

It sure is odd that he has a blood spot in the same place on both eyes!! It almost looks like his pupils have bled! Many that it's nothing too serious!
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I called my normal vet's office and they will be faxing over his blood test results & anything else the cat-vet's office wants. They are very cooperative with second opinions. I'll also ask for a copy at my appointment tomorrow, since it'll be helpful if I ever need it in hand.

Apparently ideopathic issues are more common in dogs than cats, according to my vet (at least in these super-generic-symptoms-no-generic-fixing cases!), so I immediately started telling people my cat thinks he's a dog. I have to laugh at something, or else I'll probably go insane.

There are no other cats and since he's been so lethargic I doubt he's gotten into anything to make his eye bleed. Could have run into something, though, while I was gone... Also, he looks like he could be Anna's itty-bitty twin!
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Originally Posted by Lexapi View Post

There are no other cats and since he's been so lethargic I doubt he's gotten into anything to make his eye bleed. Could have run into something, though, while I was gone... Also, he looks like he could be Anna's itty-bitty twin!
He sure does!!! She's sitting here in my lap right now, checking him out!!
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*laughs* He'd probably do the same if he wasn't so exhausted.

I'm curious to see if they have the same type of patterning now. XD He's got stripes down his back and swirls on his side. Adorable baby with four cute white paws.

Anna could probably claim him as her son.

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Aaaaw!! A swirllie!! Well....they have the same face, anyway. Anna's mainly spots and broken stripes!!

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Yeah, he's got lots of mixed stuff. He has some spots on his belly, too, and if you only looked at his belly you'd think he was a calico.

And today is apparently one of his bad days; I actually have to wake him up to eat (though he has eaten a half can in two sittings! that is good for him!), and he is sleeping all day even though his temp was down to 103.8.

Meowmy is getting really worried. =[
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hi i just came across this post, because i am dealing with something similar.
my cat was really sick and we almost lost him. he had an infection.he is better now, but still underweight.The spots have come and gone a few times now.i have no idea what they are but they are in both eyes.
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I have no experience with this but, I'll bring it up to the top, sometimes people miss it. that your little one is fine.
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