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Kitten cam!

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I came across a website last night for horses... they show live barn cams of pregnant mares so you can watch the foals being born. Well, as I was searching that site and looking at all the mares I came across this:

I thought you all might like to see that!
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It won't work?
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Originally Posted by RoyalEnchntrss View Post
It won't work?
Hmm, it works for me. Not sure what's wrong.
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Well poo I'll have to try later...
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Darnit! I was all excited to see!!! It says there might be a short delay!! I wonder what that means... couple minutes... couple hours.... I WANNA C!!
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I went to the kittens page and clicked on the webcam link and it worked better for me. They are cute!
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There's a cockatiel nestbow webcam I've been watching for the last couple of weeks. The couple laid five eggs about three weeks ago, and now there are five little somewhat-fuzzy, uglier-than-sin-itself babies~ <3 They sure are cute. <3

I love webcams. <3
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Heh, I misread that first as cocker spaniel, and was thoroughly confused about the laying eggs part!
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Awww, they're all tuckered out right now sleeping in a big pile. How cute!!
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won't work for me either!!!! I wanna see!!!!
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