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Sleepy Time

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Just a few shots of the gang during nap time today.

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Awww! Adorable pictures!!
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aww how the 2nd one
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They are all so cute!!!! I have to admit Greta has my heart! I love those grey babies!
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Thats so cute.They look comfy!
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aww bless! very cute
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Awww! And I just wanted to say - I have those same green striped sheets
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Sleeping kitties are adorable! Those are great photos of your cats!
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And you sleep where Whiskers?
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Actually just the other morning I woke up with Nia sleeping on top of me and Misty and Greta wedged in on either side of me. There always seems to be at least one cat in the bed when I am sleeping. I don't mind it because as far as I'm concerned it means everyone is happy with their home, though it does make for a pretty warm bed sometimes.
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