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Valentine's Day Question

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What special thing did everyone do today with their Valentine?

This morning Hammy and I woke up gave Squishy some love and went out for brunch at Ponderosa! It was delicious, then we came home and had some special time before I had to go to work. Now that I am at work, they provided a soup potluck with two kinds of chili and a vegetarian soup of sorts and plenty of cookies and cupcakes and fudge plus gave us 45 minutes for our first 15 minute break. (There are rumors that we are only working 4 or 6 hours today) So to me that is wonderful cause i will get to go home early and spend the rest of valentines evening with my Hammy!!!!!
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ummm...if I could wake him I'd tell you He's fast asleep right now.

However I came home to a some flowers and big heart shape box of chocolates

I feel bad as all I got him was a car battery...oh and a card, however it's really from Whitey. I made a paw print and signed it "I Love You Dadee! Whitey"
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We actually celebrated Valentine's Day earlier this week because I'm out of town for a business meeting now.

On Monday DH sent me flowers at work. On Tuesday we went out to dinner. On Wednesday morning I woke up to find that he had taken all the little Valentine's cards (that I hid around the house for him last year when I had to go away on Valentine's Day), and hid them around the house for me.

I gave him cards from each of the cats and I, plus some of his favorite cologne and a gorilla that dances and sings "wild thing". I had intended to leave a bunch of Valentine's post-it notes around the house, but I couldn't because he stopped back at home late yesterday morning so we could say goodbye properly before I had to catch my flight.
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Absolutely nothing. John has never really cared about Valentine's Day. I got him some candy... I didn't get anything but wasn't really expecting it. It's just a regular evening here, him watching TV and me sitting here on TCS!
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My Valentine's gift from the boyf was a donation in my name to the Humane Society
I'm happy that he paid attention to the things that matter to me!

When he gets off work, we are going to be spending time with our other love... pizza!
Not really romantic, but we're doing what we like.

***Edit: I got flowers too! Yay!
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We didnt really do anything. I had yesterday and today off. I got my taxes done this morning, and then we went and did errands. Then I had a dentist appointment and he was online from about 2 till about 6 playing his stupid Lord of the Rings online game. I made him shrimp linguine for dinner, and now he's watching Billy Madison. His birthday and VDay present (they're close together) was a new video card for our computer for his game. He hasn't gotten me anything yet. He probably won't, but that's okay.
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We tend not to *do* a whole lot about Valentine's Day -- maybe some chocolates, maybe a nice dinner if the timing works -- neither of those those year. But that's OK -- what we DO do is cards, and the one I found on my computer this morning was so lovely it made me weep. -- and I'm tearing up again...
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Absolutely nothing. I was only reminded of Valentine's Day when somebody knocked on my classroom door at 9:30 a.m., and asked for one of the students. Her boyfriend had arranged for 2 dozen long-stemmed red roses to be delivered at school. She was incredibly embarrassed, and wondered how she would manage to get them home in one piece, as she'd traveled to school by bus!
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We had to check out of the hotel we've been staying at for a week this morning ThenRob brought me a rose to work and took me to lunch (exactly what I hinted at! ) As soon as he gets finished with his shower we are going to go to Roadhouse for dinner. I also had a doctor's appointment, woopee. They think I may have a thyroid problem (my mom has hypothyroidism, but with the way I eat and stay at the same weight for the last 5+ years, they are betting on it being hyperthyroidism for me - guess I will find out after our cruise, but I'm hoping for a perfectly fine thyroid!!)
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We went to 2 different auto wreckers looking for a new seat for my boyfriends car. Then we went shopping and I bought him a pair of pants, 2 t-shirts and a sweater and bought myself 4 shirts and a pair of pants. Then we went to a bunch of different car dealerships looking for a new car. We went to Crabby Joes for dinner and then we were going to go to the movies but it was too busy so we went bowling instead.
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I woke up to a package with this in it!
(hope the link works)
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i had some chocolate's
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I woke up to a package with this in it!
(hope the link works)
That is GORGEOUS!!!

I wasn't expecting anything, and didn't get DH anything except send a free e-card from hallmark (which he has yet to open...). So I felt SO bad when I got home and found he got me flowers, a beautiful card and a new chain for the necklace he got me for V-day 2 years ago (he admitted that necklace cost more than my engagement ring! That explains why we are now broke! I almost wrung his neck).

But, we had a nice steak dinner with his mother and watched the latest Pirates of the Carribean (didn't know it was almost 3 hours). After his mom left, we did get some "quality time" and now I'm just waiting for the dogs to finish their business outside so I can go to bed.

Yeah, real romantic, but to me, valentine's day is great for new couples...but everyday once you are with the one you are meant to be with Valentine's day is nice...but not important. Everyday with DH is important to me. So, I'm perfectly happy
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My DH, knowing that I had had a horrible day with everything, the kids being sick, my class being double booked, my gma getting into a car accident with Angel in the car and went out to get some meds because Angel is so sick! So he comes back with a Dozen Roses for me!! So sweet!! And then my 2 year old Jacob puked all over his crib, blanky, me, floor and everything! OH YAYA FOR ME!!! haha
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We went out for dinner in a fancy steakhouse - I paid a fortune for a three course meal and a bottle of red wine and over food, we discussed how to go about moving, of all the romantic topics of conversation!!
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I planned on celebrating tonight with take out from Olive Garden, chocolate fondue, and "stuff." DH brought me flowers to work yesterday at lunch, which really made my day.

But our plans might be on hold as DH has that nasty cold/flu that's been going around. He's laying down on the futon right now. I'm staying home from work to take care of him (he's really THAT sick).
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Jess made me the most adorable little card, and she sent me flowers at work yesterday I wrote her a poem and put it into a neat little packet thing, and I made her dinner last night (baked chicken, green beans, and homemade mashed potatoes), since she worked til 8. We're going out for dessert tonight, since we were going to last night to celebrate, but she was too tired. Today is her first day of clinical!
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I took 2 little boxes of chocolates over to my grandparens and asked them to be my velentine's
I also got some chocolates for my dad and some chocolates and some vice face cream for my mom.
In turn I revived a box of chocolates from my parents and grandparents.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I woke up to a package with this in it!
(hope the link works)
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Nothing, we do not celebrate Valentines Day. Nor will we ever
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I gorged myself on those heart-shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups... bought some yesterday, and then some more today at 50% off since Valentine's Day was over.

Man those were good!
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