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Rags pics

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I used photobucket and resized those to message board size, but they still came out big.

Speaking of big, look at that belly!
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What a beautiful cat! I wish I looked that good when I was ready to deliver!
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Oh, Gayle, she is beautiful

Also, since I've been in daily contact with my vet, I asked again about Rags' ringworm and he said it is imperative that you treat the lesion on her inner thigh. Otherwise, the kittens could get ringworm during birth or when nursing since their immune systems wil be so immature.

He suggested holding Rags by the fur on the back of her neck (firmly) and apply the cream quickly (btw I've been using this technique and it does work). He said its best to distract her right after with some really good food (I've found that canned tuna works great)...otherwise she might lick off the medication.

On another note, I've been reading about cat genetics and kitten color. According to everything I've read, Rags' kittens could be ANY color. I can't wait to hear what she has!!

ETA: Vet also said that you may not have time (probably wont) to clear the infection up before she delivers and many a kitten has had ringworm and its not a big deal--they can be treated...its just a pain for you because then you have to treat them all. My daughters ring worm took a month to clear, and it looks like Rags could pop at any moment . But there is no guanantee that they will get it..
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Yeah she is pretty and should have some pretty kittens. More then likely most of the kittens will have white on them - she's pretty dominate white with patches of the calico
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She is a beautiful girl!
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Thanks everyone!

Rotobay- Thanks also for checking with your vet again! I will do the best I can to get to that lesion on her thigh. I'll try the hair on the back of the neck method. It's just that the spot is so awkward to reach. I've gotten to where I can treat her head (it's not that noticeable in the picture) by putting the medicine on the tips of my fingers and stroking her head like I'm petting her. She still squirms a little when I do it. I wonder if I can treat her with the internal meds after she delivers, unless it would be a problem while she is nursing.

I feel like she will pop any minute and I keep expecting to go in there and see kittens!
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She's beautiful!
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Thank you! I like her, too!
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Checking to see if my new siggy works.
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HOLY :jawdrop: look at the size of that monster belly! I bet the kittens will be coming soon, just judging by thes size of her.

Oh, and speaking of size - your pictures are fine, in the fur pics forum it says up to 640x480, so you don't need to resize them anymore.
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Thanks Cocoalily.
I am so anzious to see the kittens. I even dreamt about kittens.
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