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Meowmy, I'm dirty!

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This morning, I was going through my normal routine with Pepper which involves getting out of bed, going into the bathroom and she usually sits between the shower curtain and the liner and watches. Well, she's used to being bathed every week because of my husbands allergies. This past week we haven't been able to because of her getting her shots then we had to wait for the flea medicine to soak in, etc... Well, she must be missing it because this morning she jumped right in the shower with me. I expected her to run as soon as the water hit her, but she didn't! She just stood there! I had to chase her out so I could finish. It was so funny!
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Lol, I just say let her get a shower with ya!

My cats hate water...sad really, I wouldn't mind them having a shower with me Keeps their fur nice and silky smooth
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Back when Chynna was younger and not so heavy, I used to take her into the shower with me. She is a very docile cat and has never lashed out to scratch me or anyone else.

I would just hold her close to me. She would tuck her head under my chin and give one forlorn meow and then just let me shampoo her. To rinse her I would put one hand on her bottom, the other behind her neck at her shoulders and hold her up under the spray, turning her this way and that. Then I would wrap her in a towel and give her a bit of a towel dry. Let her out of the shower to go and dry off, and then finish up my own shower. When I got out I would brush her and let her finish drying herself off.
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lol cute, sure why not just let her jump in
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Wow! How neat that she must not mind her baths so much if she actually hops in the shower!

I've had a some of my guys jump in a tub full of water a few times...lol, but it's always accidental, and followed by much scrambling and splashing
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The other night, when I was taking a bath, Rusty and Dusty were looking at me like I was crazy. It looked like they were saying, "what are you doing in water! Water is too wet!" My hubby picked up Rusty as if to put her in the tub with me and she did not like that at all!
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