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What do they think we are?

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I've always wondered what exactly my cats think I am. Am I another strange and big cat to them? Am I their mother?
This morning, Zoe waked me up by rubbing her face against mine. She was staring at me, smelling my nose, licking it and rubbing her face all over mine. I've seen her do that with her sister sometimes and I've heard cats will only do this with another cat that they especially like, because it's their way to exchange their scents (is it true?). So I wondered again...am I like a sister to her? Does she thinks I'm some kind of cat?

In any case, that was a great way to wake up on a valentine's day (I got more hugs from her than from my BF ). When I laid on the couch after breakfest, Tania laid on my stomach and Zoe laid in my neck, both purring very loud. I was in heaven! (...Until I opened the electricity bill and saw how expansive the last two months were...)

Just wanted to share...
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone at TCS!
I wish you a lot of love...from other humans AND (furry or not) animals !

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I've always wondered the same thing! Pepper treats me like I have read they treat other cats. But at the same time I heard they meow to humans, not other cats, so.. I dunno.
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hmmm good question.. my little boy loves to come jump on top of a chair that i'm on and start rubbing my head..and he purrs while doing it..although lately it hurts because he's using his claws...
he starts grooming me...
he grabs my hair and licks it...
and then he puts 4 paws around me and rubs his head up against mine...
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I think that our kitties perceive us as their Mommies.
We are their sole providers and a critical part of their all important territory.
We have been blessed.

Happy Valentines day to you too Marilou.
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