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I am...

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the bestest wife ever and DH even agrees! We both spent about 2 hours last night digging through snow, slush and trash!

Why? Because he lost his engraved platinum wedding band. He had a really bad day and to top it all off he slipped on ice and fell leaving his last client of the day. I told him he should sue because of the ice on the sidewalk. Anyway, He fell around 5:30 then ran a bunch of errands and didn't get home until 7ish. I got home early from class at about 8 and that's when he actually realized it was missing. He knew something was "off" but didn't identify it until I was home. He proceeded to get very upset talking to himslf saying I must hate him. Hey, it's just a ring. I can replace a ring (no more platinum though!) but I can't replace him. After scouring the apartment we went to th client's office. We could see both his hand prints frozen in the snow/slush where he's fallen. I started scanning the lot while he checked the office bathrooms. I thought maybe smashing the snow I'd be able to feel it under my shoe.

After a few minutes we decided to find the cleaning lady as her car was there. DH has keys to all the buildings and we scared the crap out of her but I think is probably a little senile too. After digging through 2 bags of trash we gave up. She (the cleaning lady) kept saying we'd never find it out there in the dark but with the snow it might get plowed so we had no choice. We walked out and as soon as our flash lights hit the snow next to the car I saw this perfect circle next to the car and literally exclaimed "Wait a minute!" I couldn't believe it was that easy. I dug it out of the snow and DH immediately stuck his finger out and was almost crying with relief. He offered to massage anything I wanted for as long as I wanted! LOL He thought I was meant to find it... I think it was never meant to be lost. I never panicked or got upset... I just knew we'd find it. I'm still relieved we did though. It's safely back on DH's finger with a very nice ding it from his fall. He says he wears the ding with pride.
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glad to hear he got his ring back, at least there's a happy ending....
and hopefully you either got your massage..or will get it tonight!
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LOL this is my phobia, loosing a wedding ring!
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What a lovely Valentine's story!!!!
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Originally Posted by mistressotdark View Post
glad to hear he got his ring back, at least there's a happy ending....
and hopefully you either got your massage..or will get it tonight!
I'm hoping tonight but it depends on how his hand feels. He's left handed and he went down hard on his left hand so it's all banged up.

Originally Posted by AZ<3Me View Post
LOL this is my phobia, loosing a wedding ring!
I'm a little paranoid about it myself because my ring is irreplaceable... and I'm losing weight which make my rings looser and I can't have mine resized either because of how it's made. What's funny is he told me (after we found his) that I'm not ever allowed to lose mine. I've had mine for over a year now (got it Oct. 06) and he's only had his since June. If he hadn't lost his temper over falling he might have noticed right away.
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i'm so glad you found it!
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I'm so glad you found it!! Good job in staying calm about it, too. I would have been the same way if mine lost his. He would be the one freaking out and all upset, but I would be the calm one and we would find it. That's so great that you found it.
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Great job on finding the ring in all the snow-I hope he appreciates your help!!
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wow, that is amazing that you found it!!
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He definately appreciates. I think we were very lucky to have found it but at the same time I kind of knew we would. Of course, if I ever lose mine (knocks on wood) I know I'd be in a panic too.
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OMG I would so be freaking I'm sure both of you were!!

I'm really glad to hear the two of you found his ring though.
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Wow!! That is so awesome that you found it!!!
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What a fabulous valentine's story in a backwards kind of way!

So glad you found it! But what a sweetheart he is to care so much about it.

Gary and I got married twice, and we wear wedding rings on each hand.

15 years later.... we're both a little bit bigger than we were, so the rings are tighter. He gets paranoid about having to have his finger cut off, so I'm a great wife too, because I understand he's a paranoid freak. He wears the tight wedding ring on a chain around his neck now (and it's NOT a dun stone! ) and got my name tatooed on his left hand ring finger.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!! That is too awesome!

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so glad you found the ring.
lol i dont even wear mine. But then i hate wearing rings.
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I guess he believes in "fate" a little more than I do. It's really sweet actually, he thinks that the reason I found the ring is because we are meant to be together. I hate to think what he would have thought if we hadn't found it?! I think we were meant for eachother with or with out rings.

Bruce, My dad doesn't even own his wedding ring. He's never worn jewelry (except a watch) and so they pawned his ring shortly after the wedding. I was personally a little disturbed seeing my DH's left hand empty but he likes rings and wears 2 in addition to his band daily.
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
What a lovely Valentine's story!!!!
That what I was thinking
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I love stories like this with happy endings!
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Happy to hear you two did end up finding his ring!
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Wow! Incredible. Glad you got it back. Yes, I would agree you are a wonderful wife.
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