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Foggy eye!?

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Okay... Dinahs blue eye is foggy again and she is squinting... last time this happened the doctor said it was some sort of infection... she did blood work and sent us home with eye drops (which were oh so fun to try and get in her eyes... this was about six months ago... what is causing this! its terrible! That and I can not afford another 200.00 vet bill right now! anyone else ever experience foggy eye? her blue eye is almost yellowish and dark. it is starting to worry... anyone else experience something similar? how do we keep it from coming back?
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How old is Dinah?
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a year and four months...
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Sounds like glaucoma to me, I had a cat named Bindy that had it from the start. Good luck!
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I might have entirely misinterpreted what you wrote, but I think my kitty had something similar. Her eye was incredibly cloudy and she could hardly open it.. turns out she had injured herself while running around like a nut. Maybe your kitty has a little eye injury as well? How long has it been cloudy this time?
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I would take her back to the vet. Now you know what it is at least so it shouldn't be as expensive this time around.

I would go quick too, you don't want to mess around with eye problems, they can get very very bad very very quickly.
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Well we went to see the vet and the have referred her to a specialist. They have put her on an antibiotic for toxoplasmosis just in case, because it is going to be a little while till I can afford to get her there. The eye looks alot better. Still a little cloudy at the bottom, but it is getting blue again! While we were there however we found out that she has tapeworms!!!!!!!!!!!! So, she got the meds for that and a dose of revolution.

So I have to call the specialist and see how much they want to charge me. . .

Something is telling me it is going to be a REDICULOUSW ammount. . . but god knows I will do anything for her. . .
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