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grrr, i need some more advil

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are new password combo for remote access to my company. is now set to 12 letters, 4 have to be capital and 3 numbers,

i think i am going to get a headache calling india.
really, only way to remember it is to write it down,, and well that kinda blows away the whole reason for a password
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Ugggh...that stinks!!!!
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I write all my passwords down and keep them in a box on my desk... I still occasionally forget where I put them.

If you have to write them down maybe you could keep a spare piece of paper in your wallet? and another taped to the bottom of your keyboard?
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lol but they send you email on password security,
one items says

*do not write down your password.
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I hate passwords. We have to change ours at work every month, and I NEVER remember if I don't write them down. I know the tech dept hates me because the sup calls them every month saying "Hope locked herself out of her computer....again".

Funny story. Our clients were just issued passwords last fall to replace there ssn (for security and identity theft issues) which was originially used to pull up their account over the phone. We are still having people call in...

"May I have your account number?"


"Sir, I need your account number to pull up your account"

"The card says to not give my account number to anyone!"

*sigh* "Ok Sir, you are calling for information about your account right? I am a plan rep. If you don't feel comfortable giving me your account number, I can look up your account with your SSN"

"Great!! Ok my ssn is....."

So much for security!
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You're an IT dude, put it somewhere on your computer and encrypt it
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