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How embarrassing! And not even our fault!

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So we went out to eat tonight because we didn't want to fight the crowds tomorrow, and we're supposed to have somewhere between 5-9" of snow by tomorrow night which makes people stupid. We had deposited a decent check today, so we knew good and well that there was plenty in the account to cover the bill. But what happens? Our debit/credit card is declined!

Called the bank and their whole debit system went down! ALL credit/debit card transactions were being declined and ATMs were reported to be having problems too - and this is a national bank!!! Thankfully, we had decided on a rather early dinner, and our bank branches stay open until 6:00, so Earl was able to run to our branch (also thankfully less than 1/2 mile from the restaurant) and withdraw the cash for dinner.

I can't even imagine what would have happened if we had gone to dinner at a normal time, and couldn't have gotten the cash for the bill from the ATM. Earl said there were a bunch of people coming in the same time as him wanting to know what was going on.
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Oh yikes! I would've been so red if that happened to us. You're lucky to have had the bank so close by and it still be open!
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I have had that happen. Was at a gastation,
filled up, got a pop(which i had already drank from) went to pay.
and card did not work. It was 3am in the morning.

so the women took my name, phone number address, had to stop in the next moring and pay
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Geeesh...how embarrassing!!! Lol!!! My hubby and I had something like that happen one time...we had gotten some stuff from Target, and went to pay for it, only to find out our card wasn't working!!! We wound up having to write a check, cause the whole network was down...after having to be on the phone for over 20 minutes to find that out...
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We had something like that happen here before. All debit machines went down everywhere and it was a Friday night. We had a ton of people wanting to buy subs (I worked at Subway at the time). There was an atm at the grocery store near by that still worked but everyone got charged $4 to use it.
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Oh my goodness!!!! That would be embarrassing!!!! That goodness you went early and everything worked out!!!!!

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I would have been sooo embaressed too if that happened to me! Glad Earl was able to make it to the bank!
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