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Lucy is Ill Again

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Lucy has gone down with a cold/cat flu again. Many of you will remember her from just over 2 years ago when we had a real fight to save her life. Thanks to our wonderful vets and a lot of TLC she pulled through. She went down with it again last March and with antibiotics and more TLC she recovered. We nursed her at home this time, not an easy job as she is a terrible patient (a bit like me). She had a relapse in July last year, but only needed medication for a week and recovered fully. Unfortunately, she's gone down with it again so is back on antibiotics and we're nursing her at home. She is hiding under the bed, although not going right in the centre like she did before but at the edge, so she's still got an interest in what's going on around her.

She is also now completely blind. Our vet says she has retinal atrophy. From the day we got her, we always thought her pupils were more dilated than our other cats. It would seem that this eye problem is very often hereditary and there is no cure. It doesn't stop her jumping up quite high, nor does her lame leg.

She's a grand old lady who is now well over 18 years old. Being totally selfish, I want her to recover and so hope she does. I so want a little longer with her but I know the time is approaching when I will have to let her go.

She has to go back to the vet on Friday so we'll see what he says then. He thinks she has probably had cat flu as a youngster before we got her and as she's got older and her immune system has diminished there has been recurring episodes.

Your prayers, thoughts and good vibes will be very much appreciated.
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Prayers for her.
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Many good vibes for Lucy
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Get well soon, Lucy.
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