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Dry Paw Skin?!?

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I have noticed today that on one of George's front paws, the skin on his pads seems to be dry (like humans experience with their hands in the winter). He even has a small piece of dry skin that looks like it's flaking off. All other three paws are normal.

Is this a concern? Totally natural? Am I over reacting??? Any insight would be appreciated.
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Are you using a perfumed litter? Raven used to have problems with certain perfumes on his paw pads- he would get dry cracked skin. If it's not that it might just be the weather. We are having a bitterly cold winter here in Wisconsin, and I noticed my cats paw pads are drier this year than previous years. They don't go outside, so I think it's just the weather.
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No, we use unscented litter and it's never been a problem. I agree that it could be the weather, some days here have been bitterly cold as well, and if human skin can get dry and cracked, why not cats too?
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Thats definitely something to keep an eye on mainly because they are constantly using them. Maia has an extreme habit of profuse digging in her litter box, to the point of scraping her pointer pad pink (she is a blk/silver tabby with black feet)! I ended up putting gaffing tape on the edge because she was rubbing her paw pad pink digging at the litter box edged!
Your best bet is a humidifier! You will be amazed how much of a difference a humidifier can and will do for your home!!!!!!!
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