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does anyone know?

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I am looking for a childrens book i had as a kid. I cant remember the name of it, it was about these things that dress up like opposums and raid the garbage cans of humans at night. I have googled it every way i can think of but i cant find the name and its gonna drive me insane.
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do you remember anything else?

i found this
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neither of those was what i was looking for, however, now i wanna read that one that kattiemae listed, it sounds cute. i cant remember much about it, i keep wanting to say it was called critters or something like that. the cover was orange i think and had a picture of these possum thinggies running towards some garbage cans.
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was it Where the Wild Things Are?

Now it's driving me crazy, cause it sounds familiar to me also
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not either one, i am gonna go insane. gee i wish mom hadnt gotten rid of all those old books.
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good luck on your search! I guess my mama never read me that book when I was a kid.... I got stuck with the Borrowers, Laura Ingals Wilder books, and I love you forever (which I can still recite by heart...) Oh and I guess the garbage pail gang too... Sorry I wasn't any help
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omg dont get me started. i love that book. love you forever. i cry every time i hear it. i didnt hear it though until i was in college but it still touches me. i always include it in a gift basket anytime any of my friends has their first child.
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This perhaps?

I don't remember any possum books as a kid...however I remember "Are you my mother?" and "My Icky Picky Sister"
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